Education Mafia – Low Quality Education

Reducing quality of education

(This the third article in the series of article Educational Mafia, which talks about the tough educational circumstances in India)

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Well recently, a lot of articles and reports have been popping up everywhere about how unemployment is at an all time high in India. It is not only because of lack of job opportunities in the market, it is somewhere because of the old education system, which does not prepare you for the present digital market.

A few years ago, our competition was more with each other, but today, we need to compete with Artificial Intelligence. Half of your conversations are completed by Auto Correct, yet we fail miserably to even compose a simple sentence. Electronic Gadgets, have erased the need for a lot of things in our lives and have definitely made the world a global village. A person today need not go to the library and hunt for answers, just one click on his phone and he gets his answers.

Yet, being a teacher, what I had noticed was a huge lacuna in bridging the gap between traditional education and education using devices. I used to teach in an undergraduate college for management students. Even, today, when children are much more technology savvy, than we were probably 10 to 15 years ago, they fail miserably in making something as simple as an assignment or a project. This is what is later on reflected in their workspace also. The problem in our education system is we encourage rote system even today, which has caused disaster in our children’s life.

Our education system does not teach us to think. The state board in Maharashtra expects a 4 year old to know full A – Z capital alphabets and 1-20 in writing and 1-50 oral. This does not help the students at all. At an age, when children first need to be taught how to think and apply logic, schools are forcing them to learn by the rote system, it does not matter if the child understands or not. Even despite having such a tough syllabus, claiming to be increasing the quality of education, we fail miserably in encouraging our children to do some basic reading on their own.

Children in school are neither taught logic, decision making nor how to read and grasp knowledge and implement the same in real life. Won’t it be easy if the senior classes in schools, we are taught more about tax and how to handle investments. It will not only make the students more inclined towards savings but they will learn some real life skill sets. Would it not be easier, if we make reading a couple of books mandatory throughout the term, instead of those mundane class assignments, which are given to students year after year.

The problem is when a student passes out of school, he barely has any skill set, just a bit of outdated knowledge in his professional field. Now, this is not my sole view point but also of a lot of professionals. I came across a query on Quora, about why Software Engineers were being laid off or were either kept on bench for a long time and then forced to quit their jobs. A lot of software engineers themselves replied to the same mentioning that it is lack of practical knowledge that they are unable to survive in the industry. It is not true that all software engineers earn lakhs per month.

Some earn a few thousands also and most of them are not happy with their present jobs. But how many of them do realise that just having a degree, does not ensure your professional success. It is high time, that the quality of our education changes with time. For the same, we also do need better policy makers and better teachers who can design the syllabus as per the demands of the industry.  

 (This article is a series of article Educational Mafia, which talks about the tough educational circumstances in India)

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