Special Sunday

How I spent my Sunday with my son…..

I am due by the end of this month with my second one. One thing that scares me the most is will my son feel ignored with the coming of a new member in the family. Having an additional member in the family also means additional chores. For me, as a mother who works from home, it is still difficult sometimes to spend some quality time with my son.

For anyone, who thinks that it is easy to manage work from home is absolutely wrong. It is more tough post having kids. Just because you are in front of your children, they demand your undivided attention, but so do your work commitments. In the process of making your child happy, you somewhere miss out on the opportunity on making them independent. You tend to give them everything in their hand even before they ask for it.

Our society has though always encouraged girls to hone their home making skills, from the time they are born. We always buy kitchen sets for our daughters but seldom do we buy the same for our sons. Hunger is something that we all feel, then why do we tend to ignore to teach our sons to cook. We taught our daughters to be financially independent but we easily chose to ignore our sons, who also need to hone their other skills for survival apart from earning money.

Yes, today we have mixers, microwaves, washing machines and hotpots to make our work easier. How much time would it take for anyone to just press a couple of buttons? Why should the society rules and patriarchy dominate on who presses the button on that Washing machine? Agree Laundry is a huge chore, but the least our sons can do is to help us in either putting the clothes in the machine, or helping them take it, fold the laundry or even keep it in their cupboards.

Well, there may be several eyebrows raised in the same process, but hey even our son’s wear clothes, we teach them they need to wear clean clothes and also about person hygiene. Then what is the problem if you just teach them to collect their own soiled clothes and to put them in washing machine? My son is 4 years old and I do involve him in my daily chores (except activities, involving electricity, fire or heavy water work). No Chore is gender specific. Make your Sundays special by sharing a chore or an activity with your son.

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