I missed an opportunity

Today was the most awaiting seminar,

I was waiting for this opportunity for so long,

Slogged in day and night,

But today I could not go there.

I am in my last days of pregnancy,

The heat distance, the heat and travelling only make it worse,

In front of my eyes,

I shattered my own dreams,

Yet I put up a brave smile.

I am a mother, wife and everyone else,

Before I am me,

Probably that is the reason why,

Every opportunity lost is just fine.

Concentrate on your children,

They need you the most,

Friends and family say,

Deep inside my heart, I bleed everyday.

Yes children are my first priority,

But did you forget that my career was also born out of me,

I nurtured it the way I nurture my children,

Alas, it’s only me who remembers that.

If I share my feelings,

I am termed as cranky,

In the name of being strong,

I put up that brave smile.

To fit into the stereotypical mould of perfection,

Without being judged,

In the eyes of every soul I know,

I end up crushing my dream.

For the world,

I am a woman, who had skills and could have done better,

I am a woman, who doesn’t take care of her children,

I am a woman, who is strong and independent and. doesn’t need anyone.

I am a Phoenix, who rose from the ashes.

Try and look beyond me,

Don’t judge me or be prejudice,

For I wear a strong outercoat,

To protect my children from this harsh world,

Because they would be judged for my actions.

Today I lost another opportunity,

But I am not sad,

Because it just happens,

When you loose millions of opportunity,

You learn to make the best out of what you have.