Educating about Sexual Harassment

There have been different debates on what the content of Sex Education in our country should consist of. In some parts of our country, people are still debating that if Sex Education should even be introduced to our children. Even if it is taught in schools, most of the times, the content is always superficial and not in depth and is very limited to reproduction system itself, nothing beyond that.

While, we can genuinely avoid a lot of sexual harassment if we educate our children more about sex !! It may sound strange but I personally feel for my own reasons that this is definitely possible.

The reason why a lot of sexual harassment happens is because our society is still not sensitive towards both the genders. We think its ok to make fun of someone’s sexuality and vulnerability and interfere in their personal space. Probably, that is the reason, why the more we are educated and empowered, the more we can see rise in cases of sexual harassment.

The topic of sex education should be handled in a sensitive manner by schools and educators.

It is important that our course of Sex Education contains the following topic and is also taught in schools with a gender sensitive approach and should contain the following content:

  1. Sensitive both genders;
  2. Remove the awkwardness that both genders have with respect to each other;
  3. Talk openly about Menstruation and menstrual health, it is important that both men and women understand the importance of the same;
  4. It is important to know how lifestyle also influences our body and brings in early diseases such as PCOD, PCOS and Low sperm count;
  5. Teenage is definitely the right age to introduce both boys and girls about the developments that their body is going through today and also that is bound to go through in future during their mid life crisis;
  6. It is also important to teach children about how babies are formed and how the gender of the child is dependent on the man and not the woman;
  7. Tell them about the members of LGBTQI being a part of the society;
  8. Talk to them about being asexual and how it is a medical condition;
  9. Importance of mental health for a good sexual health;
  10. Masturbation, its pros, cons and impact on your body.

It is important that at the right age, through education we sensitise our new generation about each other, so that it changes their mindset about each other and they start controlling their hormones and respect bodies. Just like the media, education can also play an important role in changing the social perspective about gender.

Really hope with the changing times, we are able to change the perspective of our society.

(This Article is a part of the #BlogchatterA2Z 2019 series for the theme Domestic Violence. This is for the alphabet E in the series).

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