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(This article is a part of the blog series #blogchatterA2Z 2019. The theme for my challenge was Sexual harassment and this article is for the Alphabet C.)

Well, we live in a society, wherein talking about sex is a taboo itself. Probably that is the reason, why a lot of unfortunate incidents happen in our society. It is important that we explain our children about the importance of consent in a relationship.

When we talk about consent, it means consent given by an adult person, in their complete senses for a physical relationship. When I say the term complete senses it means, without being under undue influence of alcohol, drugs or any other substance abuse or fear of being hurt. The concept of consent ideally applies to both genders.

Offlate, we have come across many cases, wherein couples have willingly given consent for something that we call in urban slang as “casual sex” or “one night stand” and then later make allegations against the other person for sexual harassment. The problem is many a times, because we do not openly talk about sex, our teenagers are out into a lot experimentation. Thanks to apps like Tinder, it has taken the level of dating to just another level. (I have heard from friends who are on the said app, that this is the most unofficial way to look out for hookup). I have literally no clue about it as I am way above that age limit.

Sex is not just a physical activity, there are also emotions involved in the same. A lot of things are at stake, when you just have sex with a random person, therefore, it is important that you are physically and mentally prepared to give consent for the said act. Many a times, it may happen that your relationship may turn sour but that does not mean that something that was done with consent be termed as harassment now.

If either of the partners, had sex under undue influence of drugs or other substance, which was unknowingly administered to you, or you were threatened by the other person, that in case if you did not get intimate, then they would harm you, only under such circumstances, you can file for sexual harassment. Secondly, there is also a time limit for filing a case for sexual harassment. You just cannot file it at any random time. If you feel, that you were sexually harassed then you have to report about the same immediately to the respective authority.

You cannot give your consent for sex in return for a favour !!! Demanding for sex is illegal and immoral…

Many a times it happens that women surrender or give consent under pressure for certain favours and then later on file a case of sexual harassment against the same person, when things do not work in their favour. Unfortunately, there are no clear laws if the same thing happens in reverse and a man is a victim.

One thing that is the most important to put an end to sexual harassment is proper sex education and gender sensitization for both the genders. The idea of this article is not to blame any gender or any individual but to understand that consent plays a major role in sexual harassment cases. Well, in the wake of #metoo movement, it is important that we differentiate between real sexual harassment cases and fake ones. Will be uploading an article on the Fake Sexual harassment cases, when I upload the article on F Alphabet.

(This article is a part of the blog series #blogchatterA2Z 2019. The theme for my challenge was Sexual harassment and this article is for the Alphabet C.)

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