Baby Sexual Abuse

We often come across articles, wherein children as young as few days old have been sexually abused, by their caretakers or guardians.

“Often whenever, the media reports about Rape cases, our ministers leave no stone unturned in criticising the victim and shaming the victim. But when a child is raped or sexually abused, whom are you going to criticise.”

Child Sex Abuse, may happen to anyone, irrespective of their gender. The most tragic part of these incidents is that children often do not understand, what is happening to them is wrong. Even if some of them report about the same to their elders, majority of the times they are made to stay silent because the respecting a criminal is more important than saving a child’s dignity. In most, cases of Child Sex Abuse, the perpetrator is often a family member or a known person to the child.

Educating your Child

It is important that before blaming the society around. We as parents educate our children about good touch and bad touch. As parents, we need to be more sensitive to their needs instead of pleasing the society. Always be available for your child, when he or she needs you emotionally and keep that window of discussion open. In case if your child is facing any issue, you should be the first one, they should confide in.

No matter how friendly a person is, if your child is uncomfortable with them, tell them its absolutely normal to ignore such people.

People Pleasing

Some children are reserved, some are shy. Many a times, elders act as bully and nag such children to interact. Teach your children, it is perfectly normal to be comfortable in their own space. There is no need to please anyone and everyone that you meet. The reason being, most of the times, the abuser tries to gain the confidence of the child by being extra nice to them and luring them initially with love and care. Teach your children to judge a person by their intention. I am not saying that loving a child or offering them sweets is bad but please do understand the intention behind them.

As Adults

  1. Know about every adult that your child is interacting with;
  2. Teach your child about good touch and bad touch;
  3. It is important that you participate in their day to day activities;
  4. Observe the slight change in their behaviour;
  5. Spend atleast an hour as parents with your child, if time is an issue then do some chores together with your child;

It is important that as parents, we are aware and pro active in protecting our own children. Trust your child, because not always a child would be lying.

(This blog is a part of the blog train hosted by #blogchatter A2Z challenge. This blog is written for the theme Sexual Harassment, for a topic starting from the Alphabet B)

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