Sexual Harassment

When we hear about the word Sexual Harassment, often the image that comes into our mind is that of a young woman wearing revealing clothes, who is harassed by goons. This is the image that media has fixed into our minds. Unfortunately, this is not true. Today in our society, everyone has been a victim of sexual harassment at some point of time, irrespective of our age, gender, sexuality or sometimes, just because we are a human being.

Unfortunately, what we forget is that the victim never invites anyone to sexually harass themselves. We often come across articles, where a child in diaper is raped or sexually harassed and a woman who is 95 years is also sexually harassed or raped. Unfortunately, every time instead of looking into the real cause of the crime, we choose the simplest way out, i.e. victim shaming.

It is not true, that only young women are victims of Sexual harassment. Many a times even men have been subject to sexual harassment by women and also by other men, it is just unfortunate, that patriarchy does not allow us to talk about this openly. How many times, have we heard about genuine men talking about being victim of sexual harassment? Almost never. Why is it that our same male dominated society refuses to accept the fact that men can also be harassed by the same society.

What is included in the term Sexual Harassment?

  1. When you talk about sexual harassment, it is not included only to the physical harassment. It also includes any colourful comments or comments of sexual nature that are made against a person. In criminal offence, the intention as well as the action combined together matters. Both, men and women can be victims of sexual harassment. It is important that you

What do you do in case you experience Sexual Harassment?

The first thing that you need to do is to talk about the same to the person, you are most comfortable with. Many a times it happens that victims do not realise that they are being sexually harassed. The next step is to talk about the same with your respective authority and always give a complaint in writing.

In the name of having a cool attitude a lot of Men and women knowingly or unknowingly sexually harass others and also end up becoming victims of the same. Sometimes in the name of religion and culture, we often sexually exploit children.

It is also important that by the age of 12, children receive proper sexual education, which should include the topics of Reproduction, Gender sensitisation, Infertility, Menstruation for both boys and girls. These days children have easy access to different content, which gives them wrong idea about sex and sexual harassment. Instead of blaming the Internet, I think as parents and as a society, it is more important that we teach them to identify what is right and what is wrong.

The Media is a commercial industry and therefore, it is not concern, whether their audience is learning something good or bad from their content. So as a society, it is our duty to talk about Sex to our children, so that they identify the same and are not victims of sexual harassment.

In my further article series, will try and cover more in detail about the nature of Sexual Harassment and how you can deal with the same.

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  1. I’m so glad people are speaking openly about sexual harassment. The first step has to be acceptance and overcoming the stigma attached to it. I’m writing my personal travel-related memories for the AtoZ Challenge, and I’ll be writing one about an episode of harassment I faced as a young girl. Hope to see you over on my site too 🙂


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