Things to do during your pregnancy

Wish list of a pregnant mother:

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases of a woman’s life. Your body is preparing itself to give birth to another life; this may cause your body to go through a lot of chemical reactions. Everybody in and around you would be equally excited about the new addition to your family. Every other person, from young to old, strangers to family would stop by and give you advice on the do’s and don’ts during pregnancy.

“One of the most beautiful experiences that I had during my pregnancy was, when my son’s friends would come and touch my pregnant belly because they found it novel.”

You try and do whatever is the best interest for your baby. You are already in love, with an unborn soul. In the process somewhere, you are also confused, that life will not be the same as before. A new addition means a new responsibility, no longer, the previous carefree life and obviously, the unnecessary stress. Pregnancy is meant to be enjoyed and not to be worried about what the future holds for you.

I believe that if God gave you the opportunity to be pregnant, he has also made plans to give you a good future, it is up to you how you make the best out of it.

Pregnancy is the best time to engage in a new hobby or to learn something that you had always wanted to learn. During Pregnancy, our hormones go for a toss, making our moods swing in any random direction, causing immense stress in relationship. Therefore, the best way to handle your mood swings is to keep yourself engaged in some new activity, which can help you feel better about yourself.

A lot of women suffer from lack of self confidence during this phase. Sometimes, blame it on the hormones, but most of the time, blame it on the negative people surrounding you. Do not let the age old prejudice affect your pregnancy. Remember, every pregnancy is unique and everybody has different needs but one underlined requirement remains the same. All expectant mothers need to be happy throughout those nine months. Generally a lot of women suffer from Gestation Diabetes and high blood pressure, which leads to different types of complication, not because of their lifestyle but because of the unnecessary mental stress, that women undergo.

It is the best time to fulfil your dreams and not to throttle them. One thing that I often feel bad even today was not utilising the maternity leave fully during my first pregnancy. Just like everyone, I felt that maternity leave was meant to be staying in quarantine and taking complete rest. Yes rest is important as once the tiny tot arrives, you will barely have time for yourself but it is also important that you do not throttle your dreams for the same.

Infact there are a lot of start-ups started by women, during their maternity leave and today have been funded by International Institutions. For Example: Suchi Mukherjee, founder and CEO of Lime Road, an e-commerce and lifestyle and accessories website, conceived the idea of Lime Road, when she was 39 and on maternity leave. Till date Lime Road has raised 50 Million Dollars in their Last Series C funding. So tomorrow if someone tells you, your career is over post pregnancy and a child, tell them about the story of Lime Road.

When you are pregnant and even strangers smile at you and wait to talk to you for a couple of minutes.”

A few things that are important to be followed during pregnancy is to keep yourself happy and not to take unnecessary stress about different things.