Sexual Harassment

When we generally talk about sexual harassment, often a woman’s image comes in our mind. Someone, who is harassed, who is hurt, injured and is often the victim. But in reality, apart from women, there are others also who are sexually harassed.

Through this blog series, I would be talking about different cases of Sexual Harassment, wherein the victim is a woman, man, transgender, child or a Gay. Most of the times, we unknowingly promote wrong notions of sexual harassment in the name of fun, and sometimes, we are just taught to adjust in order to protect ourselves from embarrassment.

A person cannot be empowered until and unless, he is able to freely walk around in the society with dignity. If we reduce sexual harassment in our society, I am sure our citizens (including both men and women) would be able to perform much better at their jobs.

A lot of Sexual Harassment cases are often not registered because sometimes the people are either not aware that they are being sexually harassed and it is their right to fight against it. Thodasa adjust karlo, seems to be the fit formula.

This April, I will be hosting a Blog Series on the A-Z of Sexual Harassment. I will try my maximum best to cover the legal, sociological and the psychological aspect of the same. Talk about the problem as well as the solution with respect to the same. Stay tuned to know more about Sexual Harassment in our society and let us talk about the unspoken.

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