Things I want to hear on this women’s day

March 8th is celebrated as International Woman’s Day.

Within a few minutes our Social Media Feed will be full with different motivational and inspirational messages. Some women are excited about this day, while some choose to ignore it like just another day and I am sure, there would be a majority of women, who would not be aware about the significance of this day.

HR’s of Corporate offices, have been busy trying to make this Day special for all their women employees, click their pictures celebrating Women’s Day in Office and post them in their yearly activities. Women in groups flock to the nearest Mall to celebrate Women’s Day by availing the special offers,that brands lure them with, to increase their sales. Our Whatsapp and other messengers would be flooded with messages about Women’s day. Once the drama of Women’s Day is over, we are all back to our routine lives.

Right to Vote, was the right that Women in the early 19th Century fought for. Though we celebrate Women’s Day by dressing up, how many of us are genuinely able to vote? How many of us, have the real right to have an opinion forget about putting forth the opinion. How many of us are genuinely the decision makers of our lives and those of our family members? Women fought for their right to vote, but if you do not have the right to choice, to have an opinion or take your own decision, how are you going to vote ?

Often we are taught to be superwomen and feel guilty for the actions we could not complete ..
forgetting that we are just human beings with limitations..

This women’s day, if there is something that I want to hear, then it is definitely not those mushy mushy copy pasted Women’s Day messages. Trust me, I personally hate forwarded messages and most of the times they are unread in my inbox. This women’s Day, here are a few things that I would love to hear.

  1. You have changed a lot – Yes I have. Change is the only constant thing in this world and I am happy to evolve and change.
  2. You Look Happy – Yes. It is not possible for me to be thin or look how I looked 10 years back, but today I am happy and content in life. Would really appreciate if you noticed that instead of commenting on how fat/thin/ old I have become.
  3. I am Happy for you – A woman may choose to continue her career post marriage/ kids or may decide to quit her career. As an outsider, you may not be able to read her mind, but I would really appreciate, if you just be happy for my choice.
  4. You are a unique person – Every person is different. Appreciate the difference. Do not compare them with a stereotypical image that you have in your mind for them. Yes a mother and daughter can be different, two sisters can be different, hell even twins can have different personalities.
  5. How was your day ? – A simple question can sometimes, make or destroy your mood. Instead of unnecessarily poking into intricate details of my life. I would be happy if somebody asks me this question.   

Sometimes, we get out priorities wrong and believe in the stereotype that the world has already set for us. If as women, we do not lift each other, encourage each other and appreciate each other, then there is no importance of celebrating Women’s Day.

Dear Corporate and Brands,

I really appreciate that you want to do something for women as a part of your CSR, or to show that you have a good work culture, but instead of just limiting yourself to those fancy ads, why don’t you simultaneously work on your culture. In India, the problem is if you are a woman in Corporate, unfortunately, people will first judge you for your gender and then even consider your talents and skill sets.

Instead of spending millions on those fancy so called awareness videos and social media promotion, please do spare some counsellors and most importantly some time on sensitising both the genders in your office.

Wishing all the lovely ladies, Happy Women’s Day…..

Do let me know your thoughts on the same.

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