Imperfect Mother

Before you read the blog, do have a look at this video.

It is heart touching isn’t it. I really like the theme of this Video #MujheSabNahiPata. Unfortunately, the society has put the burden on raising perfect tiny little human beings entirely on the mother. They expect mothers to know everything and to handle any problem related to their children within seconds. There are times, when we as mothers, fail to understand our children and it is perfectly normal, as we are also human beings.

When I saw this Advertisement, I could recall those days, when tiny little Suraj was also victim of mosquito bites. I had been to my mother’s house for delivery at Vasai, which is a small suburban town near Mumbai. We have a garden flat, which also meant, we had a lot of mosquitoes. Our house was always open as we would have visitors throughout the day, which meant that mosquitoes also came to meet us throughout the day.

See those tiny red spots

Within a couple of weeks, I started noticing small red dots on my son’s face. Finally, the person, from whom I was protecting my child, came and drank my son’s blood. How much I dreaded that moment. If seeing my child covered with mosquito bites was not enough, people would ask me questions like “You can’t even protect your child from mosquitoes?” It was easy for them to point out and yes, a huge me could not protect my child from tiny mosquitoes.

Though I tried my level best to protect him, but somewhere there was only so much I could do. I bought home those patches, applied those rolls on the bed, and would keep my bedroom closed by putting on the All out, mosquito nets everything. These things are useful only if the quantity of mosquitoes is less and the most important thing, the door of the room is not kept ajar once these remedies are applied. The door would have to be opened every now and then to clean him to keep his dirty clothes outside or for some or the other reason.

Yes, I know mosquito bites are risky and dangerous, but that time things were not under my control. I was not deliberately ignorant of the consequences of mosquito bites but it is just that as a mother, I was just helpless. I never deliberately gave my son to the mosquito and asked them to bite him. Yes, as a mother that was the moment I felt, I was not a superwoman, who knew everything and could protect my child from every situation.

When I went for the event organised by AllOut, where this Advertisement was released, I literally felt goosebumps. All I could remember were those, n number of moments, when my little one was unwell or fell down or injured himself and how I blamed myself for my shortcomings. When we had a group discussion, I was happy to realise that all the problems that I faced was normal in the phase of upbringing a child and there was no need for me to feel guilty about it. Sure, the society does not leave a single opportunity to make you feel guilty but mothers remember this, its perfectly normal if you feel #MujheSabNahiPata.

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