Being Aishwarya

So, this woman’s day, I have decided to expose myself, instead of exposing some harsh realities of the world. The reason, simple, because I am an ordinary person, with flaws, imperfection, problems and solutions just like you are. I am not a superwoman or an extra ordinary woman. Just that I am striving hard to maintain the work- life balance just like you are. Surrounded by Insecurities, just like any other human being, striving to be loved by my near and dear ones and trying to exist without any controversies.

I am no celebrity that, a lot of people would be interested in my life but just as an ordinary woman, I am sure that many of you would find it easier to relate to me and understand me. Recently, I had been for a bloggers meet by a brand, wherein we discussed on how parenting blogs and post on social media is impacting the lives of millions of women across the globe. Our previous generation preferred to hide their weaknesses and we prefer to talk about the same in public. This post is not about my achievements but my journey on walking on tight rope called life, striving hard to exist and survive and in the process also achieving something.

Until a few years ago, (10 to 12 years ago during my college days and working days), I had a dream and a focus in life to do well professionally. I was working towards the right direction for the same. Started working as an intern and then did really good cases, as a lawyer, a few major transactions, cyber security cases (when IT law was still naive in India) and you had to literally explain people first what was a pen drive and hard drive. forget about understanding the Technological Law.

One thing I was comfortable and was aware about was that I was not a marriage material the same way I was confident in my first year in law college that I am not made for law practice and told this to my teachers in the first day of law college. But I will still never forget the words when my former principal said, that I would make the best lawyer because I had more clarity in my thought and had already evaluated the situation, though we say nothing is right or wrong in law, its all about interpretation.

As I was approaching my “marriageable age”, though not confident about being married, because I loved my practice more and was reluctant to disturb the comfort zone that I was always in. My former senior just asked me one question. Did I lack the confidence in myself, that i won’t be able to come back into practice, that I was finding lame excuses to reject the boys. Loving my work, was not a crime but as per our society even today, if a woman has a career, we think she is ignoring her family for sure. Somehow, I was also embroiled in this thought process and became a scrape goat for the society, which later on resulted in a bad post partum depression.

Life had been a roller coaster ride since then. The only difference between then and now is, I am the driver of this roller coaster ride and not the society nor the circumstances. It is easy to blame, marriage, children and the society for our unfulfilled dream but our happiness lies within us. There is no harm in chasing your dreams and it will take a lot of sacrifice from you and your near and dear ones in the process, but remember, you cannot have it all in life. The day I decided to stop being a puppet to the society and circumstances, was the day I appreciated the blessings in my life and learnt accept the situations and make the best out of the same.

Yes, today I am the same me, back in college, who loved her work the most, but the only difference is simultaneously, I love my husband and kids. The toughest challenge in my life was to be content with life and accept the situation. The day I learnt to accept the situation, I learnt to find solution to my problem and thus today I am in more peace with myself. I am definitely a much better person, I was years ago. I have learnt to accept my limitations and make the best out of them, instead of cribbing about the same and blaming the entire world for the same.

Finally, I can say like Geet

Main apni favourite hoon….

It took me ages to love myself….because I was blinded by the prejudice created by the society and measured myself in the blocks created by them.

Today, I am a happy Lawyer, Mother, Wife, Daughter-in-Law, Daughter, Writer and most importantly a happy person….

Here is a tiny glimpse of my life…

So this woman’s day, this was my journey about being me.

I am a extremely happy that Simi introduced me to this Blog chain. Do read her blog and let her know what you think about it.

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Thank you so much Prisha from and Tara of for the wonderful prompts and being such amazing hosts.

Do follow all of us on our social media sites and do leave in your valuable comments without fail. Though I may say, the thoughts of the society do not matter to me…but would love to know what you think about my journey.

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