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You complete me

It is important that you all have a best friend a , BFF who is an inseparable part of you. Your BFF is someone, who is always there with you no matter, what crap goes on in your life. The role of a BFF in your life is not limited to only listening to you and advising you, but no matter, how miles away are, they help you to be with you.

This Valentine’s Day, I want to take an opportunity to thank and appreciate my BFF, for being always being a part of my life. You must be wondering, that why I am writing a post for my BFF, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. Well, definitely, it is a day to celebrate love and why not express your love to your BFF, who has done so much for you knowingly or unknowingly. I was always an introvert and it took ages for me to talk or interact with someone.

Initially, we met only during weekends and school vacations, but the frequency of our meetings increased as my travel time for college and work increased. How my family and friends, constantly hated my BFF’s presence !! I was constantly asked to get rid of their bad company, but some habits die hard.

Yes, my soulmate and BFF are books. An ideal date for me would be to be lost in a library, with decent amount of food to survive in 24 Degree Celsius and some light music in the background. That is how I would describe heaven on earth. There was a phase in my life, when nothing was going good, I would be up all night crying until I went to sleep on my own. It was during this time, that books changed my life. I started reading Harry Potter at the age of 24. Yes. It was a tough life to deal with but reading about Harry’s troubles and his journey into the magical world made me forget about my troubles.

I used to read fiction books,in the Court Rooms by hiding them in between the files. I never went anywhere without a book in my bag. I looked forward to a new day because I wanted to read a new book. I worked at Churchgate during those days and my office would leave at 7 pm. My travel time was around 2 hours. There used to be a book seller, who used to come around that time and sell books for about Rs. 40/- each. They were second hand books, but I just wanted to read them till I reached home.

Books helped me heal my physical and mental strain. I lived someone else’s life through them. I met new people through books and ultimately did not feel the need to physically meet people in my life. For the first time in my life, I was happy and content being independent in every sense. I read a lot of Danielle Steel’s books, her strong characters, inspired me to challenge the world and the situations. My soulmate taught me to be strong no matter, how bad the condition is. Even a column, on this website is based on the title of my Favourite book authored by her “One Day at a Time”. A simple sentence that speaks volumes about life.

Next I went through another bad phase, that is during my post partum. I suffered from very bad post partum depression, which I was not aware about. Helpless, I went back to my BFF, but this time our relationship changed. They trained me to be more stronger and take a step further if I wanted to change my life for better now. I started writing. By now, the internet speed and access had also increased. I had developed a capacity to read anything and everything at any given point of time.

I had a secret dream of being a published author and my books knew my dream. They motivated me to write and go ahead, and finally I became a published author. The best part about my Soulmate was, it never judged me. Yes. I did not succeed as an author in the first go, but the process of writing a book taught me a lot. Perhaps sometimes, failure is the best teacher a person can have. My Soulmate, taught me the best lesson to handle failure and how to rectify my mistakes.

The best thing about my relationship with books is that, they do not judge me, they do not care if i am in my PJ’s or well dressed. They still love me back for who I am and never judge me but always motivate me. People may come and go in my life, but my books and their love for me will always stay with me till the end of my last breath.

Extremely sorry to those readers, who were expecting a cute little love story on a Valentine’s Day theme but sometimes, some people also deserve attention and appreciation for their contribution in our lives.

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  1. haha loved your post dear, and no worries we are in the same boat. I too have a long-lasting loving relationship with books and it is easy to share a relationship with books..books are best buddies and I loved you had picked them to write Vday post. #Vdayblogtrain

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Books are our dearest pals and we don’t realize but in this journey they become our Valentine. And the best part of this love story is you don’t have to wait for one particular day to express your love. Isn’t that great?!!


  3. I agree with you Aishwarya, books are the ultimate soulmate. I have this love affair with books too and carry at least one with me whenever I step out. They comfort you, nourish you and take you on a magical journey whenever you want. That’s the best kind of love. Amen!


  4. Books really are our BFF as no matter what the situation is they help us get out of it, guide us. as both my parents were into teaching books and libraries were integral part of my life, I can also pick any book and start reading. very well written.


  5. No need to feel sorry Aishwarya, there are so many book lovers like you in blogging world. Iam one of them and I can relate to every word in the post.


  6. Oh I completely understand when you say that family and friends have been worried over your obsession with books. I have been in a similar situation. And congratulations for your book. I would love to pick it up sometime. Adding it to my TBR


  7. First things first, congratulations on your book Aishwarya. Will read it sometime for sure. Your passionate love for the books is quite evident in the post and I agree, Vday is about love then why can’t it be for the books? Good one.


  8. Congrats on your book. It’s a big accomplished to become a published author. Enjoyed your write up and reading about your BFF- books!


  9. oh, my love books! I think I can never ever get enough. i have a whole set of books, that i just cannot give to anyone, although i have read them so many times. #vday #blogtrain


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