Yes, I am a Dal Chawal Person

Dal Chawal, is the basic staple food of most of the Indians and my love for Dal Chawal is something that I cannot explain. It is beyond words and emotions for me. We use different types of Dal to make the basic Dal curry at home. A simple change in the ingredient, or tempering will give you a new recepie and uplift your mood.

Dal, as a curry or as a curry base is used in most of Indian cuisines we do use different types of Dal or Lentil based on the climate, geography or simply our mood. While, the most common ones that we use are Arhar or Tur Dal, Moong Dal, Masoor Dal the one with the cover and without cover, Moong, Chana Dal, Chole, Chana and the list is endless.

Different types of Dal

One of the early food that we introduce to our children, even before they teeth are Dal ka paani. It is not only easy on the tummy but quiet nutritious for young kids. I still remember my cousin, who until 10 years would eat only boiled Tur Dal, with ghee and salt to go on with rice. Our family is basically full of Dal Lovers including me. So whenever, I go to my mother’s house, all she needs to make is Dal of different types.

So herender are a few ways, in which you can bring a twist to your daily dal.

  1. Add different types of tempering, from Onions to Garlic to Tomatoes. Curry Leaves and Red chillies are the main ingredients to any tempering.
  2. You can also add grounded coconut or grated coconut to make the Dal more thicker.
  3. Some people also add Groundnuts in their Dal.
  4. Sometimes, adding a few vegetables also helps in bringing variety to the regular Dal. Vegetables like Spinach, Cucumber, Pumpkin also bring a different taste.
  5. Hing or Asafoetida is an essential, while cooking Dal, because many a times you may end up having little bit of Gas in your tummy. You can use hing in your tempering or while boiling the Dal.

Dal is the love of my life and I have written this post, while I was day dreaming about Dal. I am sure everyone of you has their own soul food. So what is your soul food which can make you happy anytime.

P.S. I am a pathetic cook and none of the pictures of my cooking experiments are Instagram able, therefore, I am relying on the images from Google.

What was in my mind, when I wrote this post. Basically nothing, when I was sitting blank, thinking about nothing and literally out of topics, I thought why not write about my favourite food.

Yes, I am presently facing writer’s block, which has just jammed my brain and is refusing to work. That is the reason, why I have barely written anything this month. So forget my post, but do share stories of your dal.

If you like this post or share love with Dal, then please do comment on this post, share it with a Dal Maniac, or just anyone.

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14 thoughts on “Yes, I am a Dal Chawal Person

Add yours

  1. We love our dals too. My son can have dals in all meals. True, dals are so versatile and we can add so many different tempering and make them flavorsome. My husband recently made moong dal with just a tempering of hing and garlic and it is one the best dals that I have ever had!


  2. Although I am not much of a dal lover, but we have to incorporate dal everyday in our meals. Sometimes with the right temoering it tastes awesome.


  3. I am a dal lover, need to have it once a day. And I love my dal too with little tempering of heeng.


  4. Even I am a dal chawal loyal. Whenever we travel the first thing I look out for is dal rice, that’s safest to eat and it’s always yummy.


  5. Completely agree a simple dal can turn also royal with just few ingredients. Whatever you have it but it’s home made dal chawal what all crave for at the end of the day.


  6. I’m a Marwari and dal features prominently in our daily food. Palak, methi, lauki and other vegetables definitely increase it’s nutrition value.


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