Stop Objectifying Men

Till date, we have come across many articles, wherein many men and women, have openly, spoken about Objectification of Women in Bollywood and Indian Media. Slowly and steadily, in the name of fake feminism and false Women Empowerment, we have also blindly started to follow the West. Objectifying Men, seems to be the latest trend in our media and Bollywood.

When web-series came up, I was really looking forward to some intelligent content and not the same old cranky stuff available in the name of daily soaps. But after a couple of years down the launch of these channels, the content seems more confused to me.

One of the most recent series by Amazon Prime is called 4 shots only. This is about 4 friends, from different walks of life, trying to break all stereotypes. In short, somewhat like Veere Di Wedding for your personal mobile screens. I haven’t seen Veere Di Wedding but just a few scenes from 4 shots only, was enough to piss me off to no extend. The series actually begins with an almost naked Milind Soman in a Board Room and one of the characters fantasizing about him everywhere. Yes, the show does have a few sexually explicit scenes and has portrayed, the sexual desire of women to be perfectly normal with single partner or multiple partners.

If the same scene were to happen in reverse all the feminist and activist would have come down on the streets screaming for women’s rights and to stop objectification of women, but when the same happens in reverse, we silently promote the same. Agreed, the media needs to show women’s empowerment, but objectification of men is not the right way to represent women empowerment.

Cosmetic Companies, are no longer behind in this race, as they are the ones who maximize the most from objectification of men to sell their own products. Today brands are selling products, by manipulating your emotions. why do we maintain this double standard in our society ? 

On one side, we just look for an opportunity to blame men and patriarchy, when something goes wrong in our society, but when will we take responsibility as an society, and talk about equality in real sense. Now, I may be countered saying that since ages, we have been objectifying women, so what is the harm in objectifying men for sometime. Or some women empowerment campaign may call it female power or some fancy term.

Here are a few dangers of objectification of men:-

  1. By objectifying men, the minds of tender teenagers, both boys and girls get corrupted. They start idolizing unrealistic bodies, and start working towards the same at any cost.
  2. Most of the times, health is compromised, in looking perfect. Men are influenced by those 6 pack abs and spend enormous amount of money on steroids and protein shakes, which also have a lot of side effects.
  3. Young women, slowly start to presume, that every man is just like the perfect 6 pack actor you see on the screen. The reality is far behind.
  4. Objectification, encourages false expectations. A person, in future may be presumed to be perfect only if he is considered as desirable by the opposite sex. This may also cause a lot of psychological issues to teenagers.

There is no harm in talking about sex as it is a natural desire, the problem arises, when you promote it in the wrong manner.

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