Unhappy mothers cannot raise a happy child

The divorce rates in our Country is increasing at an alarming rate. If you go through any facebook group exclusively for women, you can find huge amount of anonymous post by women, who share their troubles. If we were to tell the same to our parents generation, they would say that we lack patience. If we share the same problem with our unmarried friends, they say, Thank God, I am not married, marriage only makes you unhappy. If you share the same with other married friends, they will probably say #metoo.

Yes, our generation has often been blamed for being badly brought up, not knowing the value of relationships, lack of patience, being too bold. Our Previous generations had tolerance and patience, which we probably lack, may be somewhere it is true. As we believe, that it is tough to live in a toxic environment and would rather prefer to live in a free environment and try to clear the air. Many a times, in name of tradition, culture, rituals and other excuses, the society has bullied us, not knowing what are our choices.

The moment a child is born, a mother is also born. Even though, we are all women, we never fail to bully a new mother. Expect her to be perfect, in her appearance, in her child’s appearance, in her house keeping skills, in her cooking, in her job everything that one can imagine under the sky. If the child behaves stubborn, if the child gets cough or cold, we as a society never fail to remove the flaw in the mother and her parenting skill. If the child achieves something or does something positive, then the father comes into picture.

This is where, the hypocrisy of the Indian society lies, we claim, that we respect mothers, yet never leave a chance to bully them, when we openly talk about our problems, we are bullied saying you can’t handle the situation. To raise a happy child, you need to let the mother be happy. We seldom talk about Post Partum Depression, which every women, dealt with in her lifetime. It is just that today there is more awareness about the same and we talk about it openly. Earlier, women had a pleasant social life, but today our social life is equally stressed.

During earlier days, there were genuine friendships, you just went to a neighbor’s house, poured your heart, spoke to a few friends, made a pickle or some snacks simultaneously. Today, in the world of Social Media, we are unfortunately, stuck with fake relationships, where emotions do not matter, but the number of places that you checked-in makes your friendship stronger. This fake world of Social Media, has perhaps, made us all even more unhappy.

Ultimately, an unhappy mother cannot raise an unhappy child, because somewhere down the line, her own insecurities and anxieties will be passed on to her child. Knowingly or unknowingly, we are hampering two lives, because of our jealousy, insecurity or may be because of our cruel nature. Probably, if we just stop raising the false ceiling of expectation and start being content in life, we can have a better society.

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So you must be wondering, what is the harm in being an unhappy mother ? Well it is just that whether you like it or not Women need love and care, not materialistic things. Sometimes, we find pleasure in materialistic things, but at the end, we end up filling the vacuum in our lives by buying materialistic things for our children. Materialistic things, can only give you a temporary pleasure, but real emotions, can make you a better person, a happy person.

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