How to keep your toddler happy?


Being a mother is an achievement and keeping your child happy, is another achievement. Toddlers can be the most unreasonable some times. You really have no idea, when their mood goes bonkers. They can demand the most ridiculous things at the most absurd times.

What is the worst is, many a times, children tend to have a meltdown, when they are in public, that is when the real problem begins for a parent. The reason, you are under the social pressure to make your child behave at the best behaviour by the society. People instead of helping you control your child, will taunt you for your failure as a parent and make you feel worse. In return, many a times, as a parent we end up removing our anger on that already irritated toddler.

Here are a few ways in which, you can keep your toddler happy and prevent a meltdown in a public place:

  1. Prepare them mentally before you leave for a particular place. – Tell your children, how long you have to go down for a particular function or shopping or anywhere, so that they are mentally prepared. Treat your toddlers as tiny adults. They may not understand fully, but atleast they know now, what to expect, from their destination.  
  2. Ensure their comfort first – Make them wear their most comfortable clothes. Don’t force a toddler to wear a heavy Sherwani or a Suit, just because you are going for a party. Make him wear clothes in which, they can comfortably move around. Ensure that you feed them well before leaving and complete their potty business at home. Most of the times, children are cranky because they are not comfortable in their dress or they are hungry, or their bladder is full. It is important that your child’s needs are fulfilled and then you can please the world, with their appearance.
  3. Children are not display items – Oh your kid has grown so tall !! OH No, your baby lost a lot of weight since we last met him. Remember, Change is the only constant thing in this universe. Even though kids may be small, they do understand when someone is commenting about them and they do get equally irritated. If you come across any nagging or comparing personality. Please stay away yourself and keep your kid also away from such people.
  4. At Shopping – Generally it is not advisable to take children for shopping because seriously it is a boring activity for them. It is important that their interest are taken care of first. Generally what I do is, first get a bar of chocolate for my little one and hand it over to him. He is now 4 years old. Before we leave our home, I tell him roughly what we need to buy from the market and strictly stick to the list. There have been times, when I have missed out certain things and he reminded me of the same to be bought.
  5. Try not to loose your temper – Often it happens that we pass on our anxiety to our children. Try to keep your mind under control before you leave for a trip with your little one.
  6. Justify their unreasonableness – Children can be unreasonable at times, but simultaneously, when explained properly, they do understand the situation better than adults. Make it a habit to give the correct reasons to your children. Do not fool children.

It is important that we as parents keep children engaged and consider their needs first, rather than pleasing the society. That is one of the best ways to keep your toddler happy when you are outside.

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