Why Counselling won’t cause you any harm?

Today, while I was casually scrolling through Twitter, I came across this wonderful tweet by our Prime Minister.

Well said, and I totally agree with his tweet. In this fast paced world, how much time, do we spare for ourselves literally ? The Gen X and Millenials, may think, that shopping or going to Salon may be the best way to spend me time. Why did I specially mention Gen X and Millenials, because the earlier generations probably had a much more social life than compared to us. Though we may not agree with the same. 

Just as the way, we change our mobile phones, every couple of years, or upgrade our software for our phones, it is important that we also relax and reboot our mind, time to time. A lot of times, we claim that we do not have sufficient time for any additional activity and therefore, a couple of beers is the easiest way, to help yourself in times of stress. In the recent years, Competition at workplace has increased. Earlier, people just wanted to survive, but today everybody wants to excel. What was perceived as a luxury a few years ago, today it is a necessity.’

Unfortunately, in this materialistic rat race, to please the world and to please ourselves, we also invited unnecessary stress. Relationships are not something that we look out for to comfort ourselves, somewhere, relationships are now slowly becoming a burden. You may not like what I am saying, but somewhere, we all know that it is true. The increasing rates of Divorce, suicides and substance abuse, is a proof of increasing stress and lack of social support in our society.

A lot of stress, is created by us. It is true, that Competition and the tough fight for survival has increased manifold today. We have slowly started obsessing about our physical health now, but only after we receive the Red Flag from our doctors. But a healthy body, needs a healthy mind to survive. For a healthy mind, it is important that we talk to people and reduce the stress in our mind.

When I say about talking and interacting with people, it means talking to near and dear ones, when you are sober. Not some random person, you met on Tinder or Facebook under the influence of Alcohol or any other substance. Sometimes, there are some experiences in life, which totally break you and it may be tough for you to rise again. You may not want to share them with someone, you know for your fear of being judged, prejudiced or rejected or misunderstood. Trust me, it is absolutely normal, but sometimes, you need to trust someone and open up your mind, that is where a professional help may be required.

A shrink, or a psychologist, will help you understand your problem, rather than to judge your problem. They will help you find a solution to your problem, by walking you down through the simplest lane of your problem. A lot of time, our mind unnecessarily complicates, even the simplest of situations, during this time, you need someone, who will listen to you peacefully and analyse your condition along with you.

Seeking professional help for someone, in need does not mean that you are weak or mad, it just means that you are determined to solve your problem and move ahead in life, which is important. Do not fall prey to what others think about you. It is more important to know what you think about yourselves and how you wish to remove yourself, from the misery that you are currently in. It is important that even schools, add the subject of mental health and discuss the same, with other children.

Just the way, you visit a physician, in case of any physical health issues, there is no harm in meeting people or talking to people in case if you have mental health issues. Suppressing a problem or diverting your attention from that problem temporarily is not the solution. It will only lead to you taking any extreme step and end up harming yourself more in bargain.

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