While, everyone thinks being a blogger is cool, it is just about writing some random stuff, on an easily accessible mode called as the Internet. The reality is far from here. If you are a participant in any activity, then criticism will always accompany you. No matter, what you do, good or bad, the world will always find a way to criticise you. Sometimes, criticism is good because it helps you to grow, but most of the time, it will just cut you through and break you down as a person.

Considering, the present world, which is even more vulnerable, as parents, it has become difficult to teach our children to handle criticism. Modern day parenting discourages children from being criticized and thus, most of our children slightly tumble down at being criticized by any random stranger. Sometimes, while reading comments on the Internet below a particular article, I feel that may be the only thing that we managed to pass down to our next generation is to pull down others and to discourage them. Most of the times, the harshest comments are written down by 18 to 19 year old kids, or sometimes even younger, just so that they can pretend to be cool and adult.

Is there something wrong in our efforts to bring them up ? Are we as parents teaching them, that the only way to be successful is only by pulling them down harshly and not by upgrading your skills? Why are the children, whom all through our life, we protect from criticism, so critical even about topics that they don’t even understand in the name of freedom of speech (basically being cool).

Here are a few methods in which you can teach your child how to make the best out of criticism:-

  1. As parents help them to understand, the difference between Constructive Criticism and Destructive Criticism.
  2. Constructive Criticism if done by the right person, will only help your child to grow, make them understand this at a young age;
  3. Tell your children, it is important to listen to other’s advice and opinion, but at the end of the day, they need to analyse their own decisions and choose the path wisely;
  4. Self Analysis of any condition or individual is good, it is productive, but self criticism will only result into reducing the confidence of your child;
  5. Be role models for your children, your children learn a lot from your actions. It is important, that they learn to handle people from you;
  6. Make your children mentally strong, try and make them less vulnerable;
  7. Boost self confidence of your children by teaching them to appreciate their strengths and help them to work around their weakness;
  8. Make them understand, failure is a part of life, and does not mean the end of life. Accept them even if the world is criticizing them for their failure;
  9. Teach your children to take small decisions in life. Let them handle the consequence of their own decisions;
  10. Be your child’s support and not a pressure parent.

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Though these things may look simple, but it is very difficult to implement the same in your real life. Times have changed now and it is important that we adapt ourselves with the present change. As parents, it is practically not possible for us to be with our children every now and then. The exposure that today’s children have to world is immense and literally beyond our control. It is therefore important, that at the early stage, we prepare them to face the world, fight against the tide, survive and then ultimately win this race of life.

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