Is someone stealing your child from you?

Saving Children from the Web – role of parents in reducing cyber crime. A 9 year old these days without a Mobile Phone or a Face book Account is termed as “uncool” by his friends. In the pressure to be a part of the peer group, a kid who generally doesn’t know how to separate an original product from the duplicate product ends up trusting the people in the virtual world whom he believes to be real and his own. There begins a problem in our families and society where the children begin to trust all that they see in the virtual world and don’t make an effort to discover things in real life.

Exploring the virtual world is no harm, but ignoring the real world means no real relations with family or friends. The loss in this case for the children??? Emotional trauma, no family support for guidance, no real friends to run around and play with and a lot of unseen physical as well as psychological problems which lead to increase in the crime in society. It is true technology is a part of our daily lives and we need to keep up with the developing world but do we really need ignore the innocence of our children?

The law is definitely there in place, but how well are our law executors and implementers able to follow it and implement it. Besides apart from relying only on the law its high time that we all also take up a little responsibility of our children and contribute towards the society, which we all claim that we do our part by paying taxes.

One of the ways in which we can help curb children being victims of internet is if the parents become the first moral police, as it is easier for parents to keep closer watch on their children than expecting your nearest police station to come to rescue. Being a moral police in this case does not mean that parents have to restrict their children from using mobile phones or ban them from using the social networking sites all together. Remember that a lot of children these days turn to use social networking sites and rely on the people they meet there only to kill their loneliness and depression mainly.

Children always need our attention and care, so two sugar coated words by a stranger will boost their moral and self respect, thus slowly your child feels that the stranger or the unknown person is his friend/ agony aunt than his own parents who probably doesn’t even have a minute to spare for him or always shouts at him for his every small mistake that he commits just to get attention of his parents. Time is the most precious thing that any parent can give their children.

We have already seen sufficient cases of Blue Whale suicide and other aggressive online games, which have even cost the lives of many children. It is important that as parents, we introduce them to technology. Instead of restricting them in using technology, we should sit with them and teach them how to use the latest technology.

For Example: There are a lot of parent and children activities available online that both can do together.

Internet is not limited to watching movies and videos or passing negative comments as trolls, in the name of freedom of speech, it is much beyond that. If we start restraining our children from using technology, they will be more curious and may resort to some wrong sources to gain information. You can always be friends with your children on Social Media, so that you directly have access to their profile. Do not interfere unnecessarily and comment on their friends behavior, give them the space and privacy so that they are comfortable in reaching up to you in case of any problem. Do not make it very evident, that you are a helicopter parent by hovering around them constantly.

A lot of parents shy away from being technologically friendly with their children, this problem can also be solved if all the institutions come forward and decide to eradicate this problem. Schools during their Parent Teachers meeting can make the parents realize how important it is for the children and parents to be friends in real life as well as be friends on the internet. It is important that various people from the society such as Child Psychologist, Teachers, Lawyers, Police, technology experts all come together and form a group and educate the parents and all the citizens in general about the pros and cons and how to control children from accessing the internet and to what extent it is ok to use the internet and to what extent it is not. The said group of people may be an NGO or a government body can conduct regular seminars at the work places as remove the shyness and negligence of parents from being friendly with their children online.

Remember for a child the first world is his family, so if the child can be well trained and made a good citizen by the parents themselves the biggest benefit will be for all of us. I guess its high time that we ignore our duties and rely mainly on the Judicial and Executive Machinery to curb the crime in the society. Afterall, a good son or daughter will be your assest and not the states assest, so think about it.

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