Pre-Primary Education – India gone Bonkers

In India, Pre- Primary education starts as early as 2 and half years. At this age, parents enroll their children in a play group. Earlier, when we were kids, I barely remember a time, when I was alone or without any friends, but today in Urban cities life is tough. There are a few things, that your toddlers, ought to learn on their own, in company of their siblings or other children of the same age. Unfortunately, with the reduced number of children in high rise towers in the cities, parents often opt to send their children to play schools, just so that they can have friends of their age for a couple of hours.

The formal education in the state begins at the age of 3 and half years, when a child is enrolled in Nursery. Ideally, till the age of 5 years, children should be allowed to develop their physical and mental skill sets. Instead of that, we end up forcing our children to write the mandatory A to Z and 1 to 20. Yes, that is the syllabus for my son, who is in Nursery. Well, it is important to study alphabets, but simultaneously, it is important to understand the alphabets and be able to read them.

When we were children, we had plenty of time to sit back and do some additional reading or play with friends. Today, unfortunately, for children, they barely get any time to play. Thanks to the pathetic traffic conditions and the ridiculous burdensome syllabus that we have, children can now barely spend their time doing activities of their age.

What is surprising is even despite introducing assignment system and Project system in schools, which ideally should have been beneficial to the students. The overall personality of a child is still not developed. For example: even today, when you ask a college going student to make an assignment and submit, he will just send across a few pages copy- pasted from a newspaper article, or wikipedia, without even changing the language used in the article or even changing the alignment of the same. As a teacher, sometimes, I just wanted to burn those assignments or throw them into the trash.

The problem with our pre-schools is, we coolly adopted the methods, practiced by foreign countries, but drastically failed to implement the same completely. We failed miserably in not getting adequately paid teachers to teach our children. Over Crowded our class rooms and made education a lucrative business for a few at the cost of our future. Even though our children secure 80 to 90% of marks, we clearly fail to develop their overall personality. A lot of times, fresh graduates, who can search and troll anybody on Social Media, fail to write a simple covering letter, while applying for a job.

I guess, it is high time that we as parents, take active interest in our children’s lives and help them grow. To a certain extent I have lost trust that our Education system, will do any good to our children’s future.

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