Religion and Me – Sabrimala issue

Recently, every news media, has been covering the Sabrimala temple. Reason, because women of menstruating age were permitted to enter to temple and two women, of menstruating age, attempted to enter the temple. Being a Kerelite, and a God fearing person, I have visited several Ayyapa Shrines, across the country. None of the places I was stopped. I recall my father had visited Sabrimala when I was a kid and my brother never visited. Since childhood, we were told that only men visited Sabrimala and not women who had their periods. The discussion ended then and there. The reason given to us was, there were no facilities for women to reside, and during olden days women did not go on treks and there was no whisper ultra then. Fair enough, either ways if I pray from my bedroom or from a temple, in my mind or aloud, my God is going to listen to me.

The debate on any media these days, has literally gone haywire. The standard of their arguments is going down with every debate. What I found the most atrocious or hilarious is nobody bothered to read up a little bit about our Indian Culture or practices that we had since ages, backed by proper science and sociology. To all those women and feminist and so called Activist, who are claiming entry into the temple, please understand before adopting the western concept of Equality, we always had our own way of practicing Equality.

My further article is based on my reading.

The shrine opens every month only for a couple of days for a darshan for its Devotees. While we are on the topic of equality, why do we fail to mention different traditions and religious functions wherein men are not allowed ? For example:-  Attukal Pongala festival, which is held at the Attukal Bhagavati Temple, in Thiruvanathapuram in Kerala, men are not allowed to offer Pongala to the Goddess. The ceremony was set up in Guinness Book of World Records on February 23, 1997, when 1.5 million women participated in Pongala. In 2009, a new Guinness World Records celebrated 2.5 million attendance. This temple is also known by the name Sabarimala of women. We are talking about two festivals in the same state ironically !!!

The other aspect is if we look towards a bit of history and lifestyle of people probably a 150 years ago and compare the same with today. Today’s young generation, goes for a All Girls trip or a All Boys trip, just to take a routine break from their schedule and rejuivinate them. People spend millions in Spas and Ayurvedic Resorts for the same. During olden days, people had a right way of life. The reason behind the 41 days fast was to bring discipline to your body. Men sat together, read religious books, took a break from their routine hectic life and lived like Sages, this helped them in having a better life and better health for themselves. Simultaneously, with men of the house fasting and preparing themselves for their journey, women also were less stressed, and the physical hard work of women also reduced for those 40 days. We as human beings sometimes fail to understand science and reasoning but accept things blindly, when we say, it will make God happy.
The basic science behind fasting itself is to detox your body and to make your will power stronger, this was told to me by a learned Astrologer.

Probably, we lost our practices somewhere, while blindly adopting half the practices and being influenced by the west. We often talk about Menstruation being unhygienic, and that was the reason why women were isolated, the reality is something different. Women during olden days, worked real hard and they needed physical rest during those 5 days. Probably, thats why women during those days gave birth to 10 children and yet were much more healthy than today’s women, who have difficulty in conceiving due to our lifestyle diseases. The reason why women were isolated, were because if kids see their mothers or sisters, they would keep on demanding them to make food or to fulfill their simple demands. That was the reason why some places had a different house, which was well equipped for women with food and other supplies. The reason, why they say that you should not eat a food out of a menstruating women’s plate is because she needs good amount of food and nutrition during those days, not because she is impure.

The reason why women who are of Menstruating were not allowed were because most of them had families to look after, because you need someone back home to look after your farms and your children when you are gone. Those were not the days, when work from home was an option or farming could be done online.

Awaiting for your criticisms on the same.

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