Paternity Leave, a new concept for India

It was only recently, that the law for 26 weeks Maternity Leave, came into existence. Paternity Leave is a concept, that is unheard of in our country. In Many countries abroad, both the parents, can take benefits of fully paid and/or half paid parental leave post the birth of their child. There are a few companies, which are slowly introducing the concept of Paternal Leave in our Country.

The maximum paternal leave, that a Company, on an average provides in India is for 3 days, the remaining days, the employee has to make up with his pending leaves or his earned leaves. The reason for same being, the general concept is that Women, generally need only women around them during their Delivery and Labour and therefore, men are not required to be around their wives during this phase. Since, ages, families have supported a pregnant lady, through her delivery and post natal care, but today, with urbanization and increase in nuclear family, men have now stepped in as a support system for their wives during this crucial period.

Yes, medical technology has reduced the requirement for the manual support post delivery, but raging hormones and mental support required by the wife, is still the same. Probably, ages ago, there were joint families, love and affection was constantly provided to the children. In a Nuclear family, the children are more attached to their parents, right from the beginning. The size of the family may have reduced, but the bonding between the parents and children remain the same.

It is important that that our Corporates today understand, that parenting is a joint responsibility between the father and mother. Bringing up the child is not the sole responsibility of the Mother. Fathers are equally required to be a part of their children’s lives, right from their conceived. Simultaneously, we also need to bring a change in our mindset, which will help our new mothers to be mentally strong. Husbands are called Life Partners for a reason, they are meant to be with their wives for eternity.

It is high time that we also appreciate the important role of a father in a child’s life. Hopefully, in near future, the corporate see their employees as family members and not just as machines. Yes unfortunately, we have very bad working practice of long working hours in our Country. Family time or Family life is something that the seniors at Corporate do not even consider to be in existence. Until and unless, we do not change our mindset, we will be causing unnecessary stress to N number of families.

Do let me know what are your thoughts on the same.

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