A not so major accident

One of the recent movies that I saw was the Accidental Prime Minister. The movie is adapted from the book of same title The Accidental Prime Minister by Mr. Sanjay Baru, who was the former Media Advisor to the Prime Minister. The said movie is based around the time Dr. Manmohan Singh was spent as Prime Minister of our Country in the PMO.

Even before the movie released, it was already a subject to a lot of controversies, from the title to the first look of the movie. Many people called it as a propaganda used by the Political Party before the Elections of 2019. Movies today have become a mode of image repair or branding of an individual. Though the film does not go much into detail about the personal life of Dr. Singh, it does revolve around his term in the PMO and his relations within the PMO. The Movie opens with Congress winning the General Elections of 2004 and the circumstances under which, Dr. Singh was made the Prime Minister.

The most unforgettable moment of the movie was a scene, when Dr. Singh, enters into his office for the first time, after being appointed as the Prime Minister. To his left side, is his father, trying to admit him to the school, when the Principal asked his father about his date of birth, he replied saying, his son won’t be the Prime Minister, so it doesn’t matter. As a common man in the year 1945, it did not bother him that the Prime Minister just walked past him. Further, we see a Gentleman in a Safari Suit, Mr.Manmohan Singh, Finance Secretary, 1972, who is half bent, while greeting the Prime Minister and is most conscious. Next, we see, a Man in Suit, Mr. Man Mohan Singh, RBI Governor, 1982, who has also folded his hands respecting the Prime Minister. The last Gentleman on the way, is Mr. Manmohan Singh, Finance Minister, who simply smiles and nods, when the Prime Minister passes next to him. His final destination is his own office, where he admires his chair and resumes his duty as the Prime Minister of the Country.

This one scene speaks millions about the journey of one man, from a Simpleton to a Leader. Biographies are generally made, in Bollywood, to appreciate a great Legendary, a great personality and tell us more about their inside stories. This movie talks a lot about things, that probably a common man already knew, the scams, how they were manipulated, the famous Nuclear Deal. The story telling and presentation of the movie was really impressive. I liked the fact that they used real names and not fictional names, that itself is a brave step. Many a times, when people make movies about such powerful and important personalities, they usually say loosely based on. Hats off to the screen writer and the Director.

Anupam Kher, who is a brilliant actor otherwise, was amazing as Dr. Manmohan Singh but one person, who stole the show was Akshay Khanna as Sanjay Baru. He carried the movie on his shoulders. He literally overshadowed every other character in the movie. He is one actor, who is under estimated in the film industry.

Overall, its a great movie, quick movie and a good political drama.To be frank, at the end of the movie, if it did any thing to me, then it was to tarnish the image of Congress and Rahul Gandhi further and increase my respect for Dr. Manmohan Singh as a great Economist and a Leader.

This is neither a movie review, nor promotion of any political party. I just saw a movie, liked it and wrote what I felt about the same.

If you have not yet watched this movie, please do so at the earliest.

Do let me know, what do you

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