First professional conversation

First impression is your last impression. This quote has been in existence since ages and it does hold true even today. The way you present your self during your first meeting, has a life long impression on the opposite person forever, especially if it is a professional meeting.

Today, networking plays a very important role for the growth of your career. Earlier the option of networking was only limited to Business Meetings and Seminars or Conferences, but today, one can network even using Social Media, at your finger tips. Though we presume social media is used exclusively for casual and personal interaction, but if used well, Social Media can be a great Networking space.

While, we quiet often tend to misuse anything that comes to us easily, we have definitely done the same with Social Media. Here are a few things, that you need to remember, while having a professional interaction, on the Social Media.

  1. Exchange greetings for the first couple of minutes, not more than that;
  2. Introduce yourself and mention the reason for messaging the front person;
  3. Ask if it is the right time to talk. Do not presume the front person is always free to talk to you;
  4. If you have exchanged numbers, suggest you ask when is the appropriate time to call and talk, remember, keep it short, simple and crisp;
  5. Though you have befriended the person on the Social Media site, do not get personal with them, this will hamper any future professional relationship that you may have with them;
  6. Please pay attention to your basic grammar. Do not use shortcuts or too many smileys. This reflects your immaturity.
  7. Calling a person repeatedly, will only leave a bad impression of you;
  8. Do not ask for Selfies or why a person does not have his/her picture as a DP;
  9. Do not repeatedly ping;
  10. Understand the basic difference between flattery and Complimenting a person;
  11. If you find the front person creepy, make an excuse and leave politely;
  12. Do not gather too much of personal information and even if you do, do not include it in your first conversation.

Well these are a few points, that I could think off, on the basis of experience. If you have something more to add, please do let me know in the comment section.

This article has been written with inputs from Second Innings Consultancy, a Human Resource Consultancy based out of Mumbai. 

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