Things to remember, when meeting a terminally ill patient.

Just a couple of days ago, Tahira Kashyap, (wife of bollywood actor Ayushman Khurrana), posted pictures, when she was attending her last session of Chemotherapy. Sonali Bendre, was in the U.S. for a few months for advance treatment for Cancer. Irrfan Khan, also shared about his experience with the big C. Very Recently, Emran Hashmi, shared the good news of his tiny tot being completely Cancer Free. While, anything and everything that the celebrities do, is always mentioned in the newspapers and the page 3 columns. This was one news that I felt was of utmost importance.

Though, these days, we have been coming across a lot of cases of Cancer, it wasn’t as common earlier. We seldom heard about someone suffering from this life threatening disease. Earlier, there were so many misunderstandings related to this particular diseases. I also know about families, who kept the patient in quarantine and did not even allow children to meet them fearing infection. Many families, were scared when they heard about a near one suffering from the same.

Recently, with advance medicines and technology, though it has become easier to detect and increased awareness, there are still a lot of loopholes that are pending. Not everyone is lucky to have good family support. Most of the times, even in today’s day, there are people who blame that a person suffers from a terminal disease like Cancer, because of his past karma. A person, who is suffering from this disease is already going through a lot of physical pain and so are simultaneously, the family members. It is already a tough challenge for them.

  1. During this time, if possible try and visit the patient only if they are comfortable with it. Some people may not be comfortable, whereas some people may love to see their relatives.
  2. Always remember to offer help to the family members, remember, they are also going through the same stress, before visiting their house, ask them if they need any assistance in any household work or want you to bring something.
  3. Do not sit and cry in front of the family members of the patient. We understand that you feel sad for the family and the patient but try and control your emotions in front of the family.
  4. If you can genuinely, help the family with any of your contacts, only then offer help. Do not boast about how a particular person was cured just like that because of the medicine from some random GodMen. Fighting a Terminal Disease is not a joke.
  5. You may have disliked the patient and their family, but right now, it is time to be with them, be careful about what you talk in front of them.
  6. Stop gossiping and spreading rumors about the Patient and their family members, every family member tries their level best to take care of the patient. They have been given certain set of instructions by the Doctor who is treating the patient. Do not try to be an expert and remove flaws on how the patient is being mistreated by the family. Most of the times, this is the expertise of the Domestic Help.
  7. If you are scared of catching infections then carry a sanitizer with you and clean your hands before and after meeting the patient. Remember, if you can catch infection from the patient, the reverse may also be possible.
  8. Always inquire before your visit, at the appropriate time. Do not reach there at lunch hours or when they are about to sleep. Have Courtesy.

People who are ill, need more of our love and support than medicine. This is the only time that you can be responsible and do something for them.

Do let me know if I may have missed out something.

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