The boys watching today will be men tomorrow.

This video is definitely one of the best things, that I saw today morning. Do watch this video and then read the blog here under:

I simply loved this ad. Why ? Because it finally talks about the peer pressure and the standards that have been set by the society for the men.

Boys will be boys.. As a mother of a 4 year old son, I have heard this statement for a minimum of thousand times since he is born. I wish it was possible to change this mindset of people. We quiet often talk about how patriarchy has destroyed the life of women in our society, but often fail to talk about how the same patriarchy has destroyed the lives of men also.

We do not allow our sons to cry, to get scared, it will be a big scar on their manhood. Their masculinity will be doubted if they are sensitive. If a boy refuses to pick up a fight with others, or does not harass others, then again his masculinity is doubted. We have somehow set the rules in our society for our boys. Since their childhood their every small step is associated with their masculinity.

Especially in India, it is difficult for boys to grow up. If they agree with a woman, they are taunted, if they support a woman, they are harassed, if they refuse to be a bully, they are not manly enough. In India, even today in most parts of the city, if a man helps his wife, it is sometimes considered as a big deal. Things, which should be considered as normal and equal are considered as unmanly for a man.

It is high time that we break the patriarchy for men in our country. It is time that we take the following steps:-

  1. Allow our boys to cry, it has got to do nothing with masculinity in expressing their emotions;
  2. Allow our boys to express their pain, “Mard ko Dard nahi hota..” this clique looks good only in movies, not in reality;
  3. Allow our boys to talk about their difficulties in open and accept them. They may also have difficulties;
  4. Allow our boys to have their own career options. Engineering and Medicine aren’t the only career options, their Career Options need not be restricted to their Dowry rates;
  5. Allow our boys to be Independent. Teach them how to cook and clean because ultimate, irrespective of our gender we all feel hungry.;
  6. Teach our boys not to fit into stereotype. There is no stereotype that boys need to be well built and strong, they need to be fair and good looking. Forget the Fairness creams and Siddharth Malhotra and just be yourself.;
  7. Teach our boys to respect every one. It is important that both men and women respect each other for their differences;
  8. Teach our boys to accept their own weakness. It is perfectly normal to be weak, but figure out your weakness, talk about it to someone you trust and work towards it;
  9. Accept them despite their weakness. They do not have to be superheroes all the time.;
  10. Don’t expect them to be perfect, learn to adapt to their flaws and work towards binding a better future;

I guess we are so filled with prejudice in our minds about men, that it is almost impossible to come with terms on so certain issues. The same is clearly reflected in the number of dislikes that this video has.

Do let me know what do you think about the same.

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