Last year I saw we took little Mr.S for his first movie, The Incredible 2. It was an amazing experience for him as well as for us. A first outing is always special. To be frank, I had not seen the prequel and therefore just randomly read about the movie before we left. In one of my previous blogs, I had shared my experience about the same.

So cutting the long story short, what I loved about the movie was the Mom. How she used her superpowers to save the world and how she balanced between her Career and her Family. Her children loved her to the core and adored her. Her Husband supported her and stepped ahead in taking care of the family in her absence. Sometimes, I seriously wish, I had the kind of superpowers that she had in the movie. So here is my wishlist of super powers for this year:-

  1. Invulnerability – Vulnerability, is the biggest drawback that we Human Beings have. Circumstances often make us Vulnerable and we end up doing things, that we never thought we would. It is only due to our Vulnerability that we often take wrong decisions at wrong time.
  2. Telepathy – How many times have I wished, that I could convey certain messages to certain people. For Example:- Telepathically, tell your maid “Today I am dead tired and have lot of work to do, please do not take an off today.” Or If I could Telepathically tell my kid, “Today Amma is tired and does not want to play but sleep like a dead log.”
  3. Good Memory – Finally Age seems to have caught up with me, at the age of 33. Once you are a mom, sometimes, you forget simple task such as combing your own hair atleast once a day and the kind of things that I forget in day, are unaccounted.
  4. Flying/Teleporting/ Apparate – Mumbai traffic is becoming a nightmare day by day. The minimum time taken to travel a 1 KM is sometimes more than 30 minutes. If I only had the power to Apparate (Harry Potter Reference), or to Teleport myself from one place to another, it would really save me a lot of time and money.
  5. Mind Reading – I am tired of fake people around me, wherein they say one thing on your face and another thing behind your back. I really wish I could read mind of people and then understand them. This is one quality that I really lack.
  6. Change the past – We all have been stupid, we all have done some crazy mistakes, we all have got our priorities wrong at one point or the other. If I had the superpower to change my past a lot of it would have been reflected in my present and in my future.
  7. Good Infrastructure for the city – Again this one is for the City, even though Mumbai may be called the city of dreams, sometimes, it behaves like city of nightmares. Overcrowded, bad roads, traffic jams, BEST Strike, yet I love this city. I just wish I could have built that dam metro in a blink, so there wouldn’t have been a never ending traffic jam in the city.
  8. To socialize without feeling uncomfortable – At a social gathering, I usually prefer to hide out and count time, when I can run home. I generally prefer a place where nobody can see me or talk to me or judge me for what I am wearing or eating. Yes, I intend to go out to meet people, to talk to them, but I end up staying in a corner, failing to talk to even 5 people.
  9. To control my wandering mind – When I sit down to write, I end up thinking about all the irrelevant things in the universe. If I could only control my mind, it would have helped me a lot.
  10. To eat without getting fat – This is one super power everyone wishes to have. Dam !! I put on weight even at the sight of food or rather even at the thought of food. Indulging into N Number of Ice creams and yet managing to stay as fit as Sushmita Sen.
  11. To Make my will power stronger – Though this is not technically a super power, but a quality. I definitely want to make my will power more stronger, so that I achieve whatever, I want and give up on my laziness.
  12. To ability to be immensenly liked by everyone without invoking hatred – This is something that I always wanted. I guess I have no explanations for this.

    So these are my list of Super Powers that I wish to have. Do let me know, what are the super powers that you wish to have this year.

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