Will gender reveal reduce female feoticide ?

A simple Face Book conversation that I read between a mother and son about the importance of Gender Reveal, made me think about the same. Gender Reveal is a common procedure in many foreign countries, where in and around the 5th month of pregnancy, the parents know the Gender of the child. The reason being simple because they need to decide upon the name of the child and register the name before the mother and child are discharged from the hospital.

Disclosing the Gender of the child is banned in India, considering the increasing number of female infanticide. Yet, there is no account about the number of cases of illegal clinics, which reveal the gender of the child and help them undergo abortion. When a pregnant woman undergoes, a Sonography Scan, the clinic takes her signature on atleast 3 forms mentioning that they have not disclosed the gender of the unborn child to the mother. Sonography clinics, in India generally have big posters about how disclosing the Gender of the child is illegal and punishable under the law.

Alas ! everything falls upon deaf ears. If the government allows the Pre- Natal Sex Determination Test in India, then there is an official record of the number of couples, who are aware about the gender of the child. This would make it easier for the government to keep a check on the number of abortions. We need to make it mandatory to register the pregnancy and abortion/miscarriage with proper documentation in the state. If any foul activity is suspected mid way, the state can immediately take an action. Deny Birth Certificate to the child, who’s mother’s pregnancy was not registered.

It is high time we take stringent action at the first step itself. Sometimes, transparency of laws and putting the burden on the citizens to take responsibility of their actions will help us curb this devilish act of killing a female fetus. Probably educating people is not enough, holding both the couple equally responsible for forced abortion, post the gender reveal should be made mandatory in India.

I know this all looks fancy in an article or a blog, but tough to implement, owing to the mindset of the people. Ultimately, it is upon us to take care of our future generation.

Do let me know what do you think about this method of curbing female infanticide?

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