Why I cannot be a pet parent ?

I love animals and do not leave a chance to pet them as and when I get an opportunity. Some of the stray cats have been my best friends for ages. As a child, I always wanted to have a pet, just like other kids, minus the responsibility, which I was not aware about.

I do have a few friends, who prefer to be parents to a fur baby than a real baby, claiming that Fur Baby is lesser responsibility than a Real Baby. I do not agree with the same.  Parenting is the synonym for responsibility and one cannot escape it.

I still remember as a kid, when I asked my Dad, if I could have a pet, he would often tell us, that animals are meant to be free and by keeping them as pets in small houses in cities, you are restraining their natural upbringing. All my cousins in Kerela then had Pets, because we have big houses and lot of open land, which means the pets, mostly stray dogs and hens, could wander around freely in open but be home at time to sleep.

These days, we come across a lot of people, who keep Pets, mostly which are bred. These furry fellows develop various health issues at a young age because they are not bred properly. They are meant to be loved as a family member. A pup or a kitten of a few months, has the same emotions and demands like that of a toddler.

A lot of modern day, urban couples, think it is cool to have a pet to cuddle with and play with instead of a child, or some couples even bring in a pet instead of a second child to give company to their child. True, pets make great company but can you deal with their mental health and their mental requirements ? Quiet often I have seen families, who are unable to take care of their furry babies, when they grow older, and ultimately, these folks develop health issues and die at a younger age.

Furry Babies, also demand equal amount of time, attention, care and love as any other Hoooman Being. They have to be regularly vaccinated, kept clean, taken for walks and left to play freely and last but most importantly communicate with them. Every Human Being deserves to be loved. Don’t bring fur babies home, just because you want to fulfill the vacuum in your life or show off to your friends.

As a token of tolerating my boring thoughts, here are a few cute pics of little Mr. S, having his gala time with his friends.

So the conclusion is, Fur Babies also demand equal amount of time and energy as much as a Hooman Baby plus with a Fur Baby you cannot experience the joys of Pregnancy and Labor, which is also a part of parenting. May be sometime in future I may get a Fur Baby…till then me and little S, have these tiny friends to play with.

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