Networking Moms

Maternity Break for some women, may range from anywhere between 6 months to 10 years. There are multiple reasons on why these maternity breaks last longer or shorter. While, some women may be interested in getting back to their work space as soon as possible, they may be unable to do so, due to lack of support system to take care of the child at home or lack of good health for themselves or their child.

It quiet often happens that due to lack of opportunity, to interact with the right people from the industry, a few women may feel left out. A long gap quiet often results into lack of confidence and this is further shattered, when people in and around you bombard you with irrelevant, stupid questions. Thus aggravating the situation further and reducing your self confidence to NIL. Today Job-Seeking is more about Networking, it is important that you are there at the right place and at the right time.

  1. Update your Professional Profile – Whether you are working or not, it is important to update your professional profile on LinkedIn and other such similar websites. Apart from updating, it is also important to network on these professional websites. How ? Just comment on a topic or a post that is relevant to your field or interest. Write about a topic that interest you. In this way, you are directly or indirectly are making your presence felt in front of the right people. Though this is not something that will affect immediately but it will help you in long term.
  2. Participate in a Seminar/Workshop – There are a lot of one day seminars and workshops, related to every field that is happening almost every day in different parts of the city as well as online. Some of these may be paid ones and some of them may be free of charge. It is important that you just listen to people from the Industry and stay updated. Apart from learning and updating the main purpose of such workshops is to network.
  3. Social Media used properly – Social Media if used properly can benefit you immensely. You can also come across interesting opportunities for Volunteering and Meet ups through Facebook and similar portals. Stop participating in unwanted banter and be part of groups that encourage moms. When on social media, spend less time on watching images of how perfect vacations, makeup and dresses, your friends have, rather spend the same time on networking with these individuals.
  4. Work part time / Volunteer – It is quiet possible that you may not be able to find a full time job as per your needs and qualification but that does not mean that you just need to sit back. If you cannot have a full time job and do not have much of financial responsibility, it is important that you volunteer for atleast a couple of hours. The idea is simple to update your skills and network and the most important to keep your confidence intact with knowledge.
  5. Develop communication Skills – to develop your communication skills, you need to talk to more people, interact with more people. Don’t be shy or afraid to talk to an acquaintance and discuss about the political scenario in our country. It is important that you learn to communicate only by putting it into practice. Don’t be shy thinking what will the front person say, if a mom has an opinion about the Ruling Party and not Diapers and Maids. Be a Conversation Initiator. If at a social event you choose to talk about your maids and bitch about other women, then the loss is yours and not theirs. Select the content of your conversation wisely.
  6. Be an Entrepreneur – It is ok if you do not run a Fortune 500 Company and sell jewelry or Dress Materials or Bake or Cook. It is important to take that one big step, which will help you to network. If you connect with people, along with something to offer them, there are chances that they will accept you more. You may not want to be a Cue Math Teacher or a tuition teacher for ever but starting the same for 6 months will help you interact with new people in your locality. Networking in any manner is always helpful as it helps to keep your confidence at the right level.
  7. Stay away from negative people – If tomorrow someone asks me, to share my secret mantra, I would say, it is to avoid negative people in my life. Yes. Unfortunately, it is true. You may end up having no friends in the end but I personally feel it is better to have no friends than to have fake friends or negative people. Set your priorities right. No matter even if a person is the CEO of a Company but all he does is demotivate you or discourage you from further interacting with anyone, it is high time that you ignore such people from your life. The reason being such people will not help you further your network.
  8. Do not Boast about your Contacts – you may know the President of the United States personally, but do not boast about your contacts to every other person you meet. It makes the front person prejudiced about you, as someone who only networks to boast about people and not help them.

These are just a few tips that can help Mom’s interact and build their strong network.

Do let me know what are your thoughts on the same.

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