Flattery…an art to forget…

Let us all accept one thing. Most of us are pathetic, when it comes to initiating a conversation, whether in real life and a disaster, when it comes to Social Media. Since childhood, we are under the misconception that flattery is one of the best ways to impress a person and begin a conversation. Your First Impression is your last impression, to a certain extent it is true.

Unfortunately, none of our schools or colleges, teach us about the basics of communication. The maximum, that we are taught during our school or college days is to exchange pleasantries and our basic communications are limited to those standard letter formats during our school days.

Social Media if used correctly, can be one of the best places, to network and explore more opportunities, but unfortunately, many people tend to dig their own graves, by using flattery to make the first step. Any individual loves compliments, but it is flattery, if you compliment a person, without knowing them personally , just because you are desperately trying to make your own first impression.

Hereunder are a few things, that come in any individual’s mind, when you use flattery as a part of the initial conversations:

  1. Calling someone beautiful or handsome, in the first couple of conversations, reflects more of your casual attitude towards that person. Do not expect any professional help, if you feel complimenting about a person’s looks, will help you;
  2. Flattery as per me, reflects a person’s own insecurity.
  3. Have some some self- respect and maintain your distance from a stranger. If you are looking forward to build a professional relationship, using flattery will only make you look like a looser to the front person.
  4. While, even despite using flattery, the front person may entertain you, but most of the times you will end up becoming the laughing stock, because your desperation will always supersede your confidence.
  5. Always remember this. The world is a small place and it is quiet possible that you may meet the same person again in a different capacity in future. It would definitely be embarrassing.
  6. While a lot of casual flirting and casual talks may be entertained in Indian Companies, but if you behave in the same way in an MNC, you would definitely be tried for Harassment at workplace.
  7. It is important to understand these small nuances in life at the earlier stage, because many a times, in the long run, these minute things matter a lot.

There is a thin line difference between Flirting, Flattery and Complimenting a person. Ensure that you do not cross the line and mess up your future personally and professionally.

Do let me know your thoughts about the same.

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  1. S D Raj says:

    Really good article Ji. Would like share my view on this. There is no eye contact communication in Social Media connections that is reason the advantage is taken place. Others view are solicited. Thanks Ji


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