My New Year Resolutions

Today being the first day of the year, almost every other blogger and media is talking about how to have or maintain your New Year Resolution. This blog I am not writing for anyone else but for myself. Yes, as an audience I know you will get bored after reading multiple blogs and articles on the same topic, but hey even I face FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

So more than making any new resolutions, this time, I have decided to keep upto my previous resolutions and to stay determined and focused. The idea is to be a bit more selfish and concentrate on myself because if I do not look after my physical and mental health, I will end up being a burden on my family even before I wish to.

So here are a few things,that I have decided to follow up from ages:

  1. As I mentioned earlier to take care of my physical and mental health because nothing can be achieved without a healthy mind and a healthy body;
  2. To eat and relish the food. Not to simply eat just to make myself happy. I have recently developed this bad habit to eat to just to make myself happy internally;
  3. To write atleast one blog daily, not for the Audience, not for the DA or PA, not to for the brands, but just for introspecting myself and having a written conversation with myself.
  4. Avoid all negative people in life, who are prone only to discouragement and criticism. I am not scared of being criticized but constructive criticism helps to grow and destructive criticism just brings both of you down.
  5. Not to be scared of loneliness. My biggest fear in life has been loneliness, it is ideally high time to develop my confidence and work around my fears. In the recent years I finally realized that, it was not the society or circumstances, that stopped me but it was my lack on confidence in myself that stopped me.
  6. Be mentally prepared for new changes and challenges. Come the month of May, and I am ready to welcome a new member physically in this world. Yes. I am a mother of one son, but still being a mom second time is equally scary. What am I scared of ? Probably disrupting my entire schedule, which I had developed with so much of hard work.
  7. Converse more and talk about my day. My shy nature has often been mistaken as pride. My zero tolerance for non sense and stupidity is often mistaken for aggression. This led to me ostracizing myself from the society resulting into unnecessary negative thoughts loosing my confidence in bargain.
  8. To keep my love for the stage alive, by participating in more Open Mic sessions. The stage helps me bond with the audience and understand, where I stand.
  9. To complete all pending tasks of 2018, the list is really long to be mentioned over here.
  10. To work ahead with my channel hopefully and to gather it from where I left it. One reason why, I stopped working on my Youtube Channel is because I was making videos for the audience. Probably if I would have had made those same videos for myself, the ideas would have been communicated better.
  11. I am really thankful to the wonderful people I met in 2018, who helped me progress and inspired me to go ahead with my dreams. Looking forward to meet such wonderful people once again in 2019.

These are few of the things that intend to follow in the coming New Year. Hopefully, I am able to stick to them atleast for a few days.

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Even though I write for myself, your feedback matters a lot to me.

6 thoughts on “My New Year Resolutions

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  1. I like number 7 about your shy nature being mistaken for something else. I also suffer this and want to make more effort to speak and engage more with others – in effect just to be more tolerant- this year.


    1. hey Avrii….It is so true…I can understand your difficulty…but it is all about taking that one big step….once we take that one big step to talk to someone…..the shyness automatically vanishes away…I have actually lost a lot of work because I was scared and shy to initiate a conversation..

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  2. Out of all above resolutions, Point no. 3 is the (introspect) best, I always try to put it into my habbit, but unable to follow it regularly. Regular introspection will help one to take right decisions in their daily lives, and will also help one to learn from their mistakes.


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