A day when I pampered myself

Its really been ages since I had actually been to a Salon, apart from the occasional threading of eye brows only when there was an occasion. For a women in her early thirties, this is not a good practice I know. Finally on the insistence of my cousin, I went ahead and decided to spend a day out for myself.

I finally went to Color Cafe Salon and Vedic Spa to relax and spend the day just for myself. Somehow, I am skeptical and scared of trying anything new on my skin and therefore, I decided to pamper myself with a clean up for sensitive skin, Manicure – Pedicure and a Hair Spa. I fell in love with the interiors of the Salon, it was spacious and had huge windows, which offered a good view of the road. 

My feet which are screaming for a pedicure

So I first started with a simple, manicure and pedicure, my feet were having their worst day ever. Thanks to a Toddler, who runs out of the house anytime, my feet bear the brunt of the same. (Will miss these days in future). A Pedicure, was something, that I really wanted to do but could not due to paucity of time (read sheer mommy laziness). The reason that I hate doing pedicure is because it really hurts a lot, when they clean my big fat toe, which always needs the most attention. 

Happy me again..waiting

One thing, that I really liked about the services, over there was the staff was gentle, in their conversation and also while, handling my services. They applied, the right amount of pressure and did not force anything upon me. One reason, why I generally do not go to parlours is because most of the times the staff over there makes me feel horrible about my hair and skin. I mean, I know, it needs to be cared and that is the reason, why I am coming to you at the first place !!!  

Pampering my hair 

Full Marks to the staff over here, for politely explaining me about the disastrous condition of my hair and skin and giving me simple tips to take care of them. So now, that I have finally shed my inhibitions about the Salon, would definitely visit them in near future for a facial, most probably will opt for the Sensi Glow Facial as I am really happy with the Sensi Clean up for my skin. Have heard a lot about their spa services and specially their Relaxing Aroma Therapy.

Time for a selfie

The best part is they are giving some really cool discounts, on their services for the new members. So you want to know more about this cool place, that now I am a big fan of !!

Do check out my images and let the happiness on my face speak for itself:

Here is their address :

Colour Cafe Salon and Vedic Spa,

2nd Floor, Landmark Building, Pali Road, Above HDFC Bank and Gold’s Gym Building, Bandra West,Mumbai. 

They are also on Facebook and Instagram :

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SalonColorCafeVedicSpa/



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