Modern Day Professional Network

For any individual to grow professionally, it is important to network across, all the verticals. Networking means, meeting the right kind of people at the right time and at the right place. Earlier, the best way to network was to attend conferences and to present papers or to attend parties, hosted by particular people. With the development of technology, the way how networking is done has also changed. Earlier, people shared visiting cards in physical forms, which contained details about their office address, contact number and recently email ids and these days we share our social media id’s.

For someone like me, who is an introvert, networking is the biggest challenge, probably that explains a lot of things about me professionally. For some strange reason, I used to end up connecting with a lot of wrong people. When I say wrong people, I do no mean they intend to harm me or harass me. To put it in a politically correct way, they were present on the platform only to kill time and not to network to grow professionally. I always observed a few unnecessary details such as my marital status and the amount of money that I make or what kind of clients I had, always dictated the conversation with the other person.

Networking with the right people, not only helps you grow and gain right opportunities, it also helps you learn more. I am on different social media platforms, mainly to connect, but most of the time I am not able to reach the right people or share my work with the right people. As a lawyer and a writer, it is important for me to connect with more people from the industry. Though the purpose of all the portals is different, the idea of all social media sites is networking. Sometimes you display your work with 270 characters, sometimes with images, sometimes with post and sometimes just as an article.

One of the other problems’, that most of the times, women and freshers face online is dealing with trolls. The moment you post a query, asking just for a general reference or a general opinion on any social media portals, you come across different people, who will handle the query in different manner. In short 90% people will not respond to your query, but will just keep around beating around the bush, for the reasons best known to them.

Here under are a few things to keep in mind while, networking on any social media:-

  1. Social Media is a place, where nothing is personal , any information that you share is public, so whenever you answer on any post, ensure that you maintain decency;
  2. Do not be too harsh or take them for granted just because they raised a silly query. Something, that may seem silly to you, may be a big deal to somebody else that is the reason they put that query in the first place.
  3. Do ask for unnecessary contact details. If a person has requested that query on a public forum it means the answer should be given in a public forum. Do not send direct messages unless, the conversation goes lengthy;
  4. Please respect the privacy of an individual, if a person expresses an opinion about a particular issue, do not judge them or create any prejudice against them;
  5. Always reply within 24 to 48 hours if someone has sent you a direct message, if you delay in replying it is assumed that you are not interested in the conversation.

I recently, came across this new app on Play Store called as BlueTie. It is simple to open an account with this app. The best part is, you have to be extremely specific about your purpose of existence on this app. Like if you are looking forward for networking, funding, mentor, guidance etc. On registering with this app, you are provided with a blue tie pin, which then becomes your identity. So the next time you meet someone at a conference, you do not need to share your visiting card or contact number, just sharing a simple pin, will do the task for you.

You may say that on other professional networking sites also, you are come across similar provisions, then why is blue Tie different? For one, its much more safer and more private compared to other social media. The blue Tie Pin, which is your identity, for further communication ensures that your email id and contact number remain safe. They also have a chat option, through which, you can not only connect with people but also have initial conversations with them. Its easier to install and is much more crisp and straight forward compared to any other networking app.

Hereunder are a few easy steps

  1. Just download the app from Playstore or apple
  2. You can log in either using your Linkedin, Facebook or Gmail ID.Screenshot_2018-09-27-19-41-04-523_com-1.bluetie.png
  3. Once you log in using either of these 3 ids, the next step is to create your profile and the Pin Screenshot_2018-09-27-18-28-30-805_com.bluetie.png

As simple as it can get.

Happy Networking.

You can download this app from here Blue Tie App

This one is really awesome especially for women, as the chances of someone being prejudiced against you for the content of your precious post are literally zero. Its quiet a few days that I am on this app and already made sufficient professional contacts to grow my website more.

Do use the app and let me know in the comment section about your experience with the blue Tie app.

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  1. Loved reading your article and had an appreciation of what you saying and being said, all rolled into one 🙂 Once you have reached a certain stage in your life, you do start networking although most, on different levels and for difference reasons. Writing in general is hard. Blogging and networking together is harder.


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