Sleeping peacefully through the night

My son was born in 2014, October. I had quiet often heard from a lot of people before, that children often do not sleep through the night. Little did I know that I was going to experience the same soon. After sometime, we figured out different cries of my son, like his crying style was different when he was hungry and his crying style was different when he was wet.

He was barely a month old and it was the month of November, when the winters had arrived. Drop in temperatures meant, more pee and more clothes to change. Even after immediately washing the clothes, there were times, when we used to run out of clothes. It was a difficult phase because we had to keep Suraj completely covered and the clothes also took a lot of time to dry.

One of my Aunt’s suggested to use Diapers at night time so that atleast the number of times, that he used to wake up due to wet clothes would reduce. My father was totally against the use of Diapers as his main concern was Diaper Rash. I was in two minds because I got mixed reviews from different people. Finally I decided to try the Pampers New Born Baby. I was reluctant to use the same, for different reasons.

I used them for the first night, Suraj slept for little longer and woke up only for his feed. Time passed and the only time he woke up in between was to have his milk. It was tough to train him to sleep through the night but eventually it happened with time. By the time he was about a year, he was totally sleep trained.

The other thing that we were more particular about was not to allow him to sleep post 6 pm. If children sleep post 6 pm, we cannot expect them to sleep by atleast 11pm. Different children have different routines, but with Suraj, I had observed, that he had a gap of around 4 hours before his next nap. It is also important that we as parents, pay attention to different habits of our children before training them.

Actress and Mommy Soha Alu Khan graced this event..

A few days ago, when I was invited for the Pampers event, where they had launched the new range of Pampers, I was even more happy to go. Pampers, was the first set of Diapers, that I had started using for Suraj. In between, I did try to experiment with other brands, but I was the happiest with Pampers. With other Diapers, I had often experienced leakage, which would then cause a lot of inconvenience to Suraj. The main purpose of switching to Diapers, was in order to avoid leakage and if the same is not served, then wearing a Diaper does not make sense. The other problem with other brand Diapers was that they would turn heavy once, they were wet, which was other problem.

When we conducted different experiment for checking leakages and humidity inside the diapers,  I was surprised how pampers is the most perfect diaper for your kids. During the said session I also came to know about different problems that could arise due to wearing wrong type of diapers. I am happy and lucky that through out his diaper days Suraj did not face any problems such as Diaper Rash.

So finally, I came back to Pampers Pant Style Diapers and used the same till the age of 3, when he was completely potty trained. I would use Diapers, only at night time and only when we had to travel. I personally did not experience any harm or inconvenience for my Son by using Pampers. Though it is always better to potty train your child at the earliest, till then we can rely on Diapers.

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