When I met a real life princess

Yesterday, I attended, the launch event for pampers diapers at their Mumbai office. The surprise guest for the said event was Ms. Soha Ali Khan, a Bollywood actress  herself and a princess in real life. Until,  yesterday, I just liked her like any other actors ut, it was just yesterday, that I  could actually see her up close.

Having worked in and around the Media industry, I have had the opportunity to meet quiet a few Bollywood stars and also work with them (of course for the legal documentation purpose). Some of them are purely fake, just maintain the external face, some of them outright hate you, some of them are just too lost in their own world, some people are just simply reserved. I am nobody to judge anyone, my yesterday’s meeting with her was just mind-blowing. IMG_20180920_161152.jpg

The way she answered those questions patiently about parenting, actually reflected, the emotions of a parent. Your rands and public speaking coaches can train you to talk in public ut they cannot ring out the natural emotions that a mother has while talking about a child. There was nothing fake aout her and she interacted with almost eery mother who was present there during the said meet and also obliged us with selfies. (there were almost 40 plus moms).

This was one of the events also organised by the brand because they had mothers and children, who were a part of the event. Children up to the age of 4 accompanied their mothers and children being children, would also howl and cry and throw tantrums. (My son was talking non stop during the event). The eent despite all these small disturbances went on smoothly. She being a star or an actor did not demand the event to be stopped or did not show any discomfort. Royalty does not mean that you are always on top of commoners, royalty means  to e a part of commoners and understand them. That is one of the biggest things that I learnt yesterday.IMG_20180920_154407.jpg

This also reflected the changing mindset of people in India,  where we have come to terms with the fact that we are actually ok, with taking our children to our workplace and our workplaces are now more child friendly.

I know this article does not have any head or tail. The intend of this article is just to share my emotions.

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