Difficulties of Parents during strike

I am a mother of a 4 year old toddler. While growing up in Mumbai, we seldom had any holidays due to strike. Strike was something, that Mumbai definitely did not see in the late 80’s and 90’s. This year, my son has had at least 6 holidays either due to strike or due to  rains.Superficially, it may seem like just another holiday for the common man during the strike, but it is far from reality. Let me throw some  light on the plight that a common man as a parent has to undergo, when strike is suddenly announced.  RTS1SZ34

Most of the organisations, which are MNC do not support strike, either they ask their employees, to come early to office or ask them to work from home. With the high speed internet connection and mobile phones, most people choose to work from home. Schools and Colleges also generally don’t close down during strike, because they hae limited time period to complete their syllabus and teach their children. A lot of times, schools decide to go ahead with the secondary section but then suddenly around 10 or 11 am, the mob gets angry and decides to disturb the otherwise peaceful city. um

The idea of the mob (most of them, who are half drunk and destroy private and public property only because they are instructed to do so), is to harass anyone and everyone, suddenly, all the promises of peaceful protest go for a toss. Many a times, the children who hae gone to their school in the morning are stuck in school. Parents  and teachers are unsure, if the afternoon session of the schools will begin. Some parents, who hae already left for their work, are now tensed as they do not know the real condition out on the streets.

News channels, ensure that they repeatedly play the destructive videos on the loop to ensure, the citizens that the peaceful protest is now a violent one. In between all this, are worried parents because their kids, hae left for schools, colleges or tuition classes. My heart goes out to those parents, who leave their kids in daycare, to what extent can children who are in day care, their care takers can ensure, that the children reach the centers safely.

Many people may argue, that these strikes are conducted by the political parties to fight for us, but by causing damage to the public property and causing inconvenience to the common man, how is anybody fighting for us? 

 If anybody is fighting for injustice, done against them by the government, why don’t they directly attack the government and harass them?

Instead of burning the public buses, why don’t you burn a few cars that belong to these Ministers?

Instead of asking the common man not to remove his car on a strike, why don’t you dare to threaten these Ministers?

Instead  of harassing a poor man who has gone out to earn his two square meals, why don’t you disrupt the offices of these Ministers, ensure that none of their support staff reaches their homes to help them.

The Minister, against, whose decision you hae called for a strike, does not travel by a BEST bus, so burning a BEST  bus will not soul your purpose !!!

It is easier said than done.

Just because a common man, using the power of his democracy, elects a leader, does not mean he has to bear the brunt.

If you are fighting for my rights, then please do it without troubling me, otherwise I do not need your help.

You may say that I am insensitive and do not understand the plight that others go through, or that I hae the privilege to sitting behind a laptop and type any random non-sense, but yes, these impromptu strike troubles and causes loss to anyone and everyone.


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  1. aboutwaxing says:

    I wouldn’t say that you are insensitive to this their as you are actually in it & understand what actually goes on behind the scenes & the culture where as we, looking inside, may understand what is going on & really understanding the cultural background, I don’t think so?


  2. ARPNA VIDUSHI says:

    you have rearaisedsed a valid concern. only a common man suffers on strike day. cant imagine what people go through when they have family emergency on strike day


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