When I took my son to work

Recently, the internet is flooded with images of the Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern and her adorable little munchkin baby Neve at UN general assembly at the age of 3 months. Subsequent to this, the internet went crazy about how women are now considering taking their children to work. Off late I  have seen this a lot… I had been to Jobs for Her road … Continue reading When I took my son to work

Modern Day Professional Network

For any individual to grow professionally, it is important to network across, all the verticals. Networking means, meeting the right kind of people at the right time and at the right place. Earlier, the best way to network was to attend conferences and to present papers or to attend parties, hosted by particular people. With the development of technology, the way how networking is done … Continue reading Modern Day Professional Network

When I met a real life princess

Yesterday, I attended, the launch event for pampers diapers at their Mumbai office. The surprise guest for the said event was Ms. Soha Ali Khan, a Bollywood actress  herself and a princess in real life. Until,  yesterday, I just liked her like any other actors ut, it was just yesterday, that I  could actually see her up close. Having worked in and around the Media … Continue reading When I met a real life princess

Difference between Dowry and Alimony

Twitter and Quora are my favorite source of entertainment as well as news.I simply love the way, how some people call themselves as flag bearers and  activist on the internet, yet refuse to help someone, who has fallen on the road before him. A couple of such people that I read are the feminist and the misogynist, not the real ones, the fake ones. So … Continue reading Difference between Dowry and Alimony