My journey as a Parenting Blogger

Writing was always my passion. It was my only way of expressing my feelings and emotions, which made me feel light. my favorite subject was politics and law. Post becoming a mother I lost touch with law, just because I got busy with my baby. Suffering from bad post partum depression, I was lost in life. Endless, hours of crying at late night, was all that I did for the majority of the first year post birth of my son. Writing was something, that I loved since childhood, but by then I had lost the confidence that I could even frame a complete sentence properly. It was tough for me to accept the fact, that somebody who represented college in different literary events, was now lost for words, while talking in public. This was one of the reasons, that made me even more depressed.Momspresso-logo

One fine day, I just randomly, posted a blog on momspresso and forgot about it. I was not aware about parenting blogs until sometime ago. The gap between my first blog and second blog was almost 6 months.Once, I saw the response on  my first blog, I started writing more and more. Subsequently, I started my research on parenting topics. Thus began, my journey on parenting blogs. I think thank you is a very small word, that I can use here for the entire team of Momspresso. I cannot even explain, what you have done to me. The change, the confidence, literally bringing me back from the dead, would not have been possible, without you.

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Initially my blogs, were a bit off track not exactly parenting but on social issues. That is when a friend suggested, that I should also try blogging with Youth Ki Awaaz, which during that time, had just introduced Blogs as a part of their portal. Writing about social issues, and the issues that I am concerned about gave me back my confidence. I did a few campaigns for social causes with them, which made me feel the same old dashing student, who wanted to change the world. photo

One night, I received a ping on my Facebook Messenger. It was from a girl, Akansha Bansal. I accepted it and looked into the message. She said, she wants me to write for her portal,,  as she had read my blogs. I was surprised, that somebody actually read my blog and took efforts to connect with me. We could not connect for a couple of days because of those missed calls, but then ultimately, when I spoke to her,  I got a friend and mentor for life. Today, she is literally on my speed dial, as she is the one, who has given me sensible and most practical suggestions, with respect to a lot of things. 27067061_124870948326283_8037270446228642286_n

I came across a post on a FB group, Mommy A-Z about for mothers, who are interested in blogging about parenting. I immediately replied back. That is where, I first connected with Sonakshi Goyal from Being a part of their portal, is really an honour because I feel pampered. From taking regular feedbacks from the bloggers, to helping us out with the topic. Sonakshi and Priyanka, have done it all. We as bloggers, put our whole and soul into the blog, for the publisher it would be just a content, but they never treated our work as just another content. header_logo (2)

The next portal that I wrote for is a Canadian website., which was a real big challege for me, because Parenting in the east is entirely different from the concept of parenting in the west. A lot of times certain things are a big deal for us in the east but an absolutely normal practice for those in the west. Yes, I did take me time to understand the cultural differences and write accordingly, but this would not have been possible without the constant support and motivation of the founder Mr. Pankaj Batra.

Many a times, the portals that I wrote for, would help me  with topics and sometimes, I would research them on reading. Writing about parenting helped me being a better parent. I started spending more time with my son and tried to understand his smallest habit and demands. I started decoding his each and every cry and tantrum. Milestones, were something that I now just used as a reference because now I was finally convinced that each child is different. The relationship between me and my son, has now changed.

Blogging about parenting has not only made me a much calmer person but also made me more creative person, which I was afraid, I wasn’t anymore. I am happier now, because I can fulfill my passion of writing, along with bringing up my son and nothing makes a mother more happier, than talking about her child and his habits to the world. Parenting blogs have helped me connect  with the world and indeed make me.images

All I can say, is today I am the person, whom I always wanted to be and this would not have been possible, if you wouldn’t have given me this opportunity, when I needed it the most. Yes blogging platforms are open to anyone and everyone, but how many times do the publishers, encourage you to share and write your view points? This post is to say a big thank You to all of you. I wish I can do something more for what you have done, but as of now all I can do is just write Thanks.



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