Attending a Social Do with kids- points to remember

Attending any function post children is a big nightmare for any parent. No matter, how excited you are for your family function or your best friend’s wedding, handling a child at a social function always makes you nervous. Yes, just because you have kids does not mean that you are restrained from attending any family function. Hereunder are a few points that will help you enjoy that social gathering in a much better way. 656218062-612x612

  1. Stop Listening to others: The first thing that every new mom needs to do is to stop listening to others. Just because some trick worked with other kids does not mean it will work with your kid. Often new mothers are confused by the innumerable suggestions that they get from other. Yes it is important to listen to others but always follow your heart. 656218062-612x612
  2. Complete pee and poo : Most of the times children are irritated because their pee or poo program is incomplete, which causes a lot of discomfort. Even, if you get late for your commitment, ensure that your child completes his poop program, so that you can  . A lot of times, they do not poop but keep checking for any signs of discomfort. For elder kids, in their over excitement either they drink too much of water or other liquids or they are dehydrated. Check every half an hour what are they upto. Don’t be a helicopter mom just keep an eye on their activities. Diapers._V279155583_
  3. Breast Feeding Room: For mothers who are breastfeeding ensure that you inform your host about your requirement for breast feeding space. Advance intimation will also give them sufficient time to keep a breast feeding room or some private space exclusively for you. Padma-Lakshmi
  4. Carry ample of toys: Always keep a couple of toys handy. The general nature of children is they always need the toys or objects that other children are using instead of the toys  that you are carrying. In such a case, the toys bought by you, will help in exchanging. Colour pencils and few extra sheets of papers are always a hit.9207b8188a72224fe267e14dd91d19b6_santur-group-indian-kids-drawing_872-582.jpeg
  5. Keep finger food handy: My son is generally extra disciplined and eats his complete food whenever he is outside but he is extremely opposite, when he is at home. This may not be the same with all children. Some children may dislike the food made at the function or it may be delayed or extra spicy or oily. In such a case, always keep a couple of food items with you. Generally, I keep biscuits or something similar depending on his current liking for food as it changes other day. images (1)
  6. Dress comfortably: Children are always clingy to their mothers at any given point of time. You would not want to wear any dress that hurts your little one at any given point of time. Preferably if you are going to carry your baby avoid heavy makeup and jewelry. Also do not apply perfume or deos as they may be harmful for your children.Dress your children according to the whether. Do not force them to wear traditional wear if they are not comfortable and unable to handle it. Do not make them wear unnecessary makeup and jewelry, children consider every place as a playground. If you want to keep them happy leave them freely. It is important to keep your child happy, rather than making the crowd happy.madhuri_070715051348
  7. Keep the child entertained: The best way to keep children entertained is by keeping them in the company of other child. Befriend other children as soon as you settle  down. Children often enjoy each other’s companies more than that of the adults. Do not play passing the parcel and irritate the child. Let them be children and roam around freely.                                 images
  8. Delegate your work: Cannot walk upto the buffet counter, ask for help. Your saree keeps coming out, ask for help. Cannot lift your bag, ask for  help. Yes, as new mothers, it is absolutely ok and normal to ask for help, if anybody stares at you for asking help, just stare back at them as if you saw an alien.
  9. Do not do any new experiment: Do not try a new diaper, or a new baby food, when you reach the place, always keep in mind that the kids need to be in a comfort zone. Any slight change may irritate them. So it is suggested not to use anything new at a social gathering.
  10. Prepare them mentally in advance: Tell your children that the next day you would be going for so and so function. Tell them about, who all would be there and what to expect from them. Preparing them in advance wont take them by surprise. img-education-talkingchild-lrg
  11. Keep a first aid kit handy: Children are often prone to accidents. Always keep basic first aid kits handy with you. Your basic first aid kid may contain something for cuts, something for pain and a body lotion because kids generally get rashes due to new clothes. Always wash their clothes before using them for the first time. download
  12. Pray for no – meltdown- No matter how hard you try, your child may have a melt down irrespective for some illogical reason. Hope nothing happens to you.

These are just the simple tips, which may be helpful.

Always remember, if despite all this if unfortunately your child falls sick post an event, it is probably because he exerted himself or tried something new but it is definately not because of NAZAR LAGNA.

Do let me know in the comment section, what do you think about the same.


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