A helper for a lazy cook !!

Who does not want a magical hand to help you in cooking. With the digital age, I really wish I had a smart friend or a magical wand, which would just smartly cook all my food without constant monitoring, while keeping the nurtition intact.

The Pressure Cooker, is a stable item found in Indian household, we just cannot cook our lentils without them. Apart from Pressure Cooker, the other accessories that are a permanent member in our kitchen are Pots and Pans, which are mainly used for cooking. Apart from the regular electronics like a mixer grinder and blender. So recently, I had been for this blogger’s meet, wherein they introduced us, with the new product, which is presently available only in some foreign Countries.


We were introduced to Nutripot, by Wonderchef. Nutri-pot is like your Kitchen Robot, in short an assistant, who always supports you and does not mislead you. It has a capacity of 6 Litres and uses only optimum amount of water for cooking. The tight – fitting lid traps the steam rising from the food within the pot, retaining important nutrients within the food. The food never gets burnt and is retained at warm temperature till you consume it. The Hard-anodized inner pot is hard and non-reactive ensuring years of hassle-free use, faster cooking and even heat distribution

It has an embedded micro-computer technology, which controls temperature and pressure inside the pot to prevent over-cooking, and keeps the nutrients in your food intact. The result is a juicier, healthier output that you would love. For the culinary connoisseur, there is the Manual function as well for taste and texture preference. A recipe book for the Indian Kitchen, specially curated by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor and Nutritionist Nahad Khilji is a complementary addition to the product.

We were witness to an aromatic Dal Makhni, which was cooked right in front of us. The best part about Nutripot was it was less messier to cook, not too many vessels are required and the Dal Makhni was just too delicious, just like you would have cooked it on your gas. The taste was just amazing. I guess you can make out the same from the few pictures, I managed to clicked. I really wished that I could send across the aroma of the dish.  7-Aug18

Wonderchef has always focussed on offering innovative and quality products to its customers. A thorough research based approach led to the curation of this product. We have customized the built-in functions as per the Indian cooking style. The delay timer feature offers convenience to the customers at finger-tips. It is Boyle’s Law in action with Charles’s, for the delight of our consumers”,  Said Ravi Saxena, Managing Director, Wonderchef.

Nutri-Pot is available for pre-booking on wonderchef.nutripot.com and in retail stores across India.

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