Keeping your baby’s Skin Soft

Mumbai has humid climate. Combine it with dust and pollution; it is the worst thing that could happen with your skin and health. The dust in the air is so bad that sometimes, when you wear a nice white shirt and go outside, you may come back with a different shade of white.

Children are sensitive and so is their skin. It is difficult to maintain the moisture of their skin as well as to keep their skin clean. Excessive bathing causes the skin to loose its moisture, but water is the best cleanser, isn’t it. The problem with children is that once you take your child to the bathroom for a wash, they just refuse to come outside.


A trip to the garden ensures muddy feet at home. I used to earlier carry baby wipes to clean my son in the garden but then I was suddenly worried about his skin becoming rough. I was also a bit skeptical because, these baby wipes are not easily degradable and they would amount to adding to more waste. I had been gifted different baby wipes by different people. So I have kind of experimented with different baby wipes. Unhappy with the results, I started carrying a wet cloth to the garden, but it was getting difficult to handle that scenario. Yes, agreed that cotton cloth is the best that you can use for your baby, as it is soft and gentle on your baby’s skin. The other problem with the cotton cloth was it would remain wet and dirty lying around in my bag till we reached home. This is something that I was not comfortable with.

Wipes are simpler to use but there were different aspects, that I was concerned about. I was happy with the cotton cloth. One night while casually going through amazon,  I came across something interesting like this.

Screenshot (2)

As a Millennium mother I do not buy any product without checking the authenticity of the product. After reading and being satisfied with the description of the product and reading reviews of the same. I finally ordered the same.

Mother Sparsh is water based i.e. 98% water wipes. These wipes do not contain polyester. I am hyper paranoid about whatever I use for my baby because he has problem for his allergies. As these wipes are water based, I presumed, that they would be the best for his skin. As it was a new brand, I decided to do some more research on the brand. The brand Mother Sparsh is just about a year old, but the products, that they have created are just amazing. Their research has been backed by the studies of different health organisation like NICE, UK and other health experts, who clearly advocate that cleaning with pure water is much safer thereto very less or no chance of allergy, irritation and redness. These wipes are also derived from Plant Fabric and therefore, they are 100% Biodegradable. They are also clinically proven for rashes.Taking care of my baby along with the nature, could not have asked for anything much better.

I loved this product. Will definitely write in my next blog about my user experience.

To know more about these wipes please click on the link hereunder:

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  1. My children’s skin is important and taking care of it properly is something I have been doing since my very first was born almost 15 years ago. This sounds like a product I would totally use with my kids now


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