How I spend my weekend with Zentangle

For the begining, I am person, who cannot draw a straight line despite having a scale. I always loved doing Mehendi Designs, though not a professional but I managed to make a decent design almost at every attempt.

I had seen a lot of Zentangle designs on facebook. I was not aware about what it is called, but I loved the designs. I made my first design and put it on Instagram and whatsapp messenger, with a caption ‘I don’t know what it is called,but I had fun drawing it’. That is when one of my friends replied about Zentangle. That was enough hint for me to start working on my art skill.

I googled about Zentangle and millions of websites and beautiful designs popped up. While, browsing through the designs, I fell in love with them. Over the next two days I was busy with the designs.Slowly, it became a part of my life. Keeping the laptop away and holding a pen in my hand gave me immense satisfaction. It is now almost a weekend routine.

From the last couple of months, Zentangle has helped me a lot to change as a person. I had read on the internet that it helps you in meditation, but for me, it has helped me beyond that. I would like to list a few benefits of zentangle, that I experienced.

  1. N
  2. ot using a phone or laptop to read was an immense happiness for my eyes. So weekends now, I am literally like no work and no social media;
  3. It has increased my productivity, I feel i am doing something constructive;
  4. I feel less stress as I do not have to worry about the end result, because I know, whatever I draw, it would be beautiful. This is the same attitude I have started adapting in my life also;
  5. It has helped me become more creative, as it has helped me open my mind to new ideas;
  6. I started thinking out of the box and was ready to accept the risk, which I would not have done earlier;
  7. Every time I am free, I keep thinking about the designs that I would make, it helps to keep myself away from unnecessary negative thoughts;
  8. As I do not use any electronics, my son is also slowly inclined to doodle, while I make zentangle, therefore, cutting off his screen time;
  9. The most important, a good weekend with Zentangle, ensures that my Monday mornings are full of energy and fresh ideas, instead of being a lazy bum.

So, that is how a simple paper and a pen changed my life for the better.

Do try drawing a few zentangles and let me know how do you feel about it.


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