Body Shaming – my experience

Body Shaming is something, that I have been facing since past many years. Well, the reason for body shaming has always been my height, weight, skin color if not anything else, way of dressing. Earlier, I did not know, the word body shaming and was not aware about it being an offence. We often feel, that it is our birth right to pass on our judgment on every other person.

The impact of body shaming was so bad, that during my teenages, instead of claiming the front line, I would often stand behind in photographs. I don’t know but somehow, someone or the other ensured that directly or indirectly I was body shamed. I am a bit on the heavier side and therefore, I have a chubby face, that sometimes used to make me feel elder than my age. During  my teenage, when social media was something new and I used to put up my pictures, unknown people would comment that why was I lying about my age ? I look 27 not 17.

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The incidents about body shaming that I faced is never ending, whether for my dress, hair or make up anything and else. Like Just a couple of days ago, I had been to a bloggers meet, wherein I had worn an Indian Ethnic Dress, because I wanted to wear something comfortable. Most of the women who came there had worn beautiful summer dresses, and other western outfits. The moment I posted this picture, bang came an inbox message. Staying in Mumbai you are dressed a bit differently aren’t you? Why don’t you dress little modern ? This is something that I keep hearing every now and then, so I am cool now and ignore.


When I started reading more on body shaming, that is when I came out of the mental glass barrier, that I had created my self. I have always advocated, that every individual is entitled for their own opinion, then why am I restraining them for having their opinion ? Opinion is something that you create on the basis of the facts available  to you but there is no mandate that the opinion needs to be accepted by you ?

One fine day, I started doing, what I love doing. I started talking to the world again but through a platform. The same girl, who was shy of talking one to one with people (often interpreted as pride and prejudice along with narcisst and reserved), I started talking to the world, through the internet, using YouTube as a medium. I got back my confidence.  Initially I was scared. Though I may have told people that I hate to be in front of the camera, the reality is I love the Camera, just unsure if the Camera feels the same for me. Its like a one-sided relationship.

Yes. I finally managed to come out of the whole body shaming, inferiority complex part. Today I really don’t care, whether I look, thin, fat or aged because I love myself. We all have flaws, sometimes we hide it, sometimes, we are unable to do so. Finally, I am now able to see those millions of wrinkles, hidden by filters on Instagram, behind those flawless skin, is every person, who goes through millions of stress, below those perfect strands of hair are innumerable grey hairs that are hidden well. Yes its perfectly normal to have flaws, its not just me, we all are made in the same way.

I have learnt to accept that I have flaws, but overall, I am definitely, not that bad, as much as I am body shamed. I cannot stop time and rewind but atleast, I can make the best of my future and live happily.

The reason I wrote this blog is for two reasons:

  1. To come out of my own complex issue;
  2. Hopefully to inspire millions of people like me to come out of their shell.

As this blog, is a celebration of accepting myself as I am, the pictures on this blog are exclusively mine.  

One comment

  1. Very nice topic being faced by each and everyone. You have expressed your opinion very nicely thanks for the same. I would be accepting as you because even I love my body though dark skin and fat now I won’t be hiding myself from others. Once again thanks for your fantastic speech.


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