Is a sibling a necessity or an option ?

My son will turn 4 years in October. So it has kind of become mandatory that almost every other person is inquiring, when my son will be getting a sibling or not.  I have a brother and my husband is the only child of his parents. Now most of the times a lot of decide to go for a second child because, they feel that the elder child would be lonely or in most Indian families, because the elder one is a daughter or a son, we need another child of an opposite gender to complete the family.

Whether the second child to a family is a necessity or an option, the answer lies completely with the parents. Though there are a few factors that one needs to consider before going ahead with your decision.

  1. Finances– Let us admit, today raising a child is a very expensive affair. You need to provide both your children with equal amount of facilities. Just sit down and calculate the salaries, savings, retirement fund, corpus fund, medical expenses, insurance, entertainment, education etc. etc. that you can provide for both your children and yourself.                        fb-asking-for-money
  2. Health of both the partners – Let us honestly admit it, these days the number of health problems that the couples within the age group of 25 to 35 are facing are immense. Lifestyle diseases are increasing at an alarming rate. The journey of upbringing a child is a challenging one. No matter how much your family, friends or peers pressurize you, ultimately, the responsibility is yours and therefore, health plays an important role in taking your decision.                        images
  3. Mental Preparation – You are already a parent of a charming toddler, but remember every child is different. You will have to equally  be prepared as you were during your first child, physically, mentally and emotionally. Do you really  want another sibling for your child or you are happy to be a parent for the second time ? Decide this for yourself.                                               animatajes
  4. Preparing your elder child – It is important to prepare  your elder child to be responsible  and independent. It is not always that the elder child would lovingly welcome its sibling. For sometime, there may be some anger, frustration, jealousy, which may result into another whining child. You need to be mentally prepared for all this and also mentally prepare your elder kid to handle all this. 4a41c2dcba886fcf318a1f746fc9b3c2_two-kids-playing-clipart-clipartxtras-two-children-playing-clipart_438-311
  5. Don’t surrender to society – Generally children of the age group of 3 to 5 are clingy to their parents, sometimes refuse to share their things, it is a general nature of children at that age group. Our society has found solution to that problem. Have a sibling and your child will learn how to share. While, it is true that children grow better with the company of other children but another sibling will not necessarily share the problems of the present child. My husband is the only son of his parents and he is the person with the most sharing nature. It all depends on upbringing of the child.

Bringing a child into this world, is a beautiful decision and definitely the most important and responsible decision of the parents. Don’t go ahead for a second child, just because the society is demanding. Only have a second child, when you are ready for the same.

Do let me know, what you think about the same in the comment section.

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