My journey as a Parenting Blogger

Writing was always my passion. It was my only way of expressing my feelings and emotions, which made me feel light. my favorite subject was politics and law. Post becoming a mother I lost touch with law, just because I got busy with my baby. Suffering from bad post partum depression, I was lost in life. Endless, hours of crying at late night, was all … Continue reading My journey as a Parenting Blogger

Attending a Social Do with kids- points to remember

Attending any function post children is a big nightmare for any parent. No matter, how excited you are for your family function or your best friend’s wedding, handling a child at a social function always makes you nervous. Yes, just because you have kids does not mean that you are restrained from attending any family function. Hereunder are a few points that will help you enjoy … Continue reading Attending a Social Do with kids- points to remember

Sticky post

A helper for a lazy cook !!

Who does not want a magical hand to help you in cooking. With the digital age, I really wish I had a smart friend or a magical wand, which would just smartly cook all my food without constant monitoring, while keeping the nurtition intact. The Pressure Cooker, is a stable item found in Indian household, we just cannot cook our lentils without them. Apart from … Continue reading A helper for a lazy cook !!

Keeping your baby’s Skin Soft

Mumbai has humid climate. Combine it with dust and pollution; it is the worst thing that could happen with your skin and health. The dust in the air is so bad that sometimes, when you wear a nice white shirt and go outside, you may come back with a different shade of white. Children are sensitive and so is their skin. It is difficult to … Continue reading Keeping your baby’s Skin Soft

Body Shaming – my experience

Body Shaming is something, that I have been facing since past many years. Well, the reason for body shaming has always been my height, weight, skin color if not anything else, way of dressing. Earlier, I did not know, the word body shaming and was not aware about it being an offence. We often feel, that it is our birth right to pass on our judgment … Continue reading Body Shaming – my experience