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Things you should never say to children

Children are young adults in making. Whatever we say to them during their childhood, sometimes knowingly or unknowingly haunts them. Children are encouraged by adults, but sometimes, we treat them as punching bags to deal with our own frustrations. Hereunder are a few things,  that you should never tell your child, irrespective of any situation:

  1. I wish I never gave birth to you;
  2. I wish you were a boy (Quiet common in Indian families);
  3. Why are you not intelligent like your uncle/aunt/neighbour/ collegue/ friend/ every other person existing on this earth’s son;Award
  4. Why are you bad in studies ?
  5. Your passion and hobby is wrong
  6. There is nothing like dreams come true, it is a lie.aid1071125-v4-728px-Teach-Swim-Lessons-for-Kids-Step-11-Version-2
  7. Engineering or Medicine are the only two career choices you can make in life.
  8. Complete Engineering then do whatever you want to do
  9. Talking about sex is a taboo
  10. Menstruation is a woman’s problem, never talk about it loudlysuccess-failure-759x430
  11. It does not matter what your inclination is, whatever all are doing that is the best
  12. Your talent does not matter, till the time you are better than all in studies that is all that matters
  13. You need to get only into premier institutes otherwise you are a duffer
  14. Society only respects you if you are rich
  15. Art and all as a hobby is fine but as a career it does not have any scope
  16. Start ups are meant to failimage_preview
  17. Your friends, have to be children, who come from families, who are from  the same caste, religion, ethnic race, economic background
  18. You do not have choices in life, Parents know the bestimages
  19. Short dresses invite rape, but sick mentality does not
  20. Girls and boys are not equal, there are different rules for both
  21. Ultimate, If you do not what we say then……something bad will happen to you.

Do let me know your thoughts on the same.

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