Story telling was something, that I enjoyed since my childhood. Slowly, and steadily, I forgot that art. Sharing of experiences or your day to day life slowly became a whatsapp affair. There was definitely something missing. The experience of seeing expression on the listener’s face, is the best feedback, a story teller can get. Once again, life gave me an opportunity to become a story teller, when I became a mother and the same boring routine, now became an interesting story with amazing moral. I starting searching for stories around me.

Yesterday, was my Second story telling session with Stories Worth Sharing. It was their fifth in the city and 109th pan India. I had been registering with them since their First Edition in Mumbai but in the first edition I did not get selected. I did not give up. Second Edition I did not apply because I was scared of rejection. Seeing their post on their facebook page, I was determined to apply for their 3rd Edition in Mumbai. I got selected.

I dropped my son at my parents place and headed for my first story telling session ever. I was nervous, I still remember the venue was leaping windows. I felt open mic was something, that all the cool kids did these days, would I fit into the group. The experience that I had shared was about my Pregnancy days. Seeing the younger lot I was nervous, if they would relate to my experience or make fun of me. Participating in a school debate is different, or arguing a court matter is different because you are  arguing about a technical point but here I was talking about my experience.

I love the stage, mic and the camera, it is my comfort zone. I was the third or 4th speaker, I started with my story, there was pin drop silence, everyone was listening to me, every pair of eyes that I had made contact with, were on me. I suddenly felt, that no matter how good or bad my experience is there are people who are ready to listen to me and most importantly not judge me. Nobody made any faces, or any sound nor there was any heckling.

Yesterday, was my second story telling session with them. This time, I was much more comfortable. I loved the way they had taken care  of the speakers comfort first. The organizers and the host, (yesterday we had the honour of being hosted by the founder of Stories Worth Sharing, Mr. Himanshu Poswal and the one of the best story tellers I have met Ms. Amina Arif) would come down, and have a simple chat with us, which would break the ice.

Wait,I haven’t even got down to the best part. The Thank You Notes. They use these old post cards as Thank You notes with their SWS Logo as the stamps, the idea is not only innovative but also close to your heart. Nothing is more important for an individual than, receiving a note saying, I understand you, I have also been through the same. The post cards are a way of sharing your feelings or empathy towards making new friends.


I love the feeling there, it made me feel so calm and peaceful after I shared my story yesterday. I had shared the same experience with my friends, but somehow, their reaction, was different. There is some magical vibes that I felt yesterday, which probably I could never get when I share the same things with my friends. Probably, the reason is may be because either I shared my experiences with them using technology or technology, was always there to distract us. At stories worth sharing, both are banned.

Sometimes, the technology, that helped our world become a global village, may be the reason for creating barriers in our relationships. We do need more of such sessions, which encourages people to talk about their experiences, without being judged, so that people are not depressed.

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