From the diary of married girl

Dear Mummy and Daddy,

How are you doing? I am doing good. Very happily settled, after all it has been 7 years since I got married.

Your Grand daughter is also very happy, she goes to school regularly,

We are doing very well. We wanted to come down this weekend to meet you…but your son had to go out to meet his friend, it was little urgent, after all he was his childhood friend.

This weekend I am having a Flower exhibition. You remember how, I would decorate the house, with whatever flowers, I could lay my hands on. I am using the same art and creativity tomorrow. Me and your darling will be going tomorrow. It is a big day in my life. Your Son wants to rest for sometime, anyways with us gone, he can rest a lot.

Daddy you remember, whenever I had performed on the school stage, you always came home early. I thought my husband would also do the same but life is not the same na.

This is life is different now. The houses, the places, that I would just walk into anytime I wanted. Now I need somebody’s permission to visit those same places.

Sometimes, I feel suffocated, but what is life without any adjustments.

When I go married 7 years ago, I was not prepared to forego or forget those, who had moulded me for the past 25 years, to be who I am today. But, I think that’s why they say, life is full of surprises. I guess when a daughter turns into a wife, 7 is bigger than 25.

I was not mentally prepared, for a lot of things, like I had to singly raise a child, I always felt that a community raised a child, a family raised a child together. Yes. sometimes I still do carry Shivani on some assignments, not because shes naughty and nobody can look after her in my absence, but so that she gets good exposure and learn how to be independent in the world.

In the eyes, of the world, I have a perfect life, I guess now I have learnt to wear my happy mask perfectly. I am a mother now, I have to grow up, I can no longer remain somebody’s daughter.

Every action of mine reflects on my family, but my family’s action and decision, should not, I mean does not affect me. I am doing really great work wise. I work when Shivani goes to school, or I pull some stunt and complete my assignments. The amount that I earn is not big enough but atleast lets me buy some basic things for myself. With a luxury car, and a big house, there is nothing much I can do. I live in a golden cage, I mean house. I have status in the society because I have a husband.

I am getting late now. Carry on with your work and take care of your health.

6 Replies to “From the diary of married girl”

  1. I feel you, girl but then I also believe that it should be us whether we decide to stay in the cage or be out in the open. I know situation is different for everyone but I think we should always stand up for ourselves, be it in front of our parents or in-laws.


  2. such a beautiful write-up. could relate to so many things said above. we women give up our life trying to be a perfect mom, wife, DIL, and daughter and we lose yourself somewhere.


  3. beautiful write up could relate to so many things said above. somewhere we lose ourselfr self trying to be the perfect wife, mother, DIL, and daughter.


  4. So true! Every married woman at some point of time needs to wear the happy mask even though she’s dying inside. All i can say is hang in there!


  5. I am not married but have been hearing similar stories from close married friends. Could hear echo in this eloquent blog 🙂


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